Friday, October 26, 2007

Letter to my Congresscritter

Sixty Pro-Life Groups Ask Congress to Block Funding Planned Parenthood

I'm not content to let any sixty groups speak for me.

I wish to add my voice to those calling for Congress to suspend funding for Planned Parenthood.

You might recall that the investigation into possible illegal harvesting of fetal parts was at a Planned Parenthood in Overland Park, Kansas. Dean Alberty indicated that he witnessed fetuses as old as 32 weeks being aborted. The recent allegations brought before law enforcements are therefore only rehashing what had already been attested to in the past.

But I would also like to point out Planned Parenthood's carelessness with the lives of the women who trust them. Perhaps you recall the horrible septic abortion deaths of Holly Patterson and Vivian Tran in California. They got their abortion drugs in an unapproved, off-label manner at Planned Parenthood.

But even after the needless deaths of these two women, Planned Parenthood did not mend their ways. Two additional women have died from septic abortions after being given RU-486 in an off-label manner at Planned Parenthood. These deaths are mentioned in the March 18, 2006 New York Times article, "After 2 More Deaths, Planned Parenthood Alters Method for Abortion Pill". These two women might well be alive today had Planned Parenthood not played Russian roulette with their lives.

Planned Parenthood also sent Diana Lopez home to bleed to death after an abortion in 2002. And just this year, Edrica Goode died of sepsis when a Planned Parenthood nurse-practitioner inserted laminaria into her cervix despite obvious signs of vaginal infection.

Planned Parenthood puts a lot more of our tax money into public relations than they do into safeguarding the lives of women who trust them.

I would be glad to provide more information about women and girls injured and killed after trusting Planned Parenthood.

Again, I hope to see your vote in favor of suspending all funding of Planned Parenthood until they stop breaking the law and start safeguarding women's health and lives.

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