Thursday, February 18, 2010

Being an abortionist a hard habit to break

Abortionist Rutland Caught Doing Abortions In Violation of Suspension

Abortionist Andrew Rutland, already in trouble for the deaths of two babies he'd delivered, and the death of abortion patient Ying Chen, was forbidden to deliver or abort any more babies.

Well, back at his clinic:

Operation Rescue conducted an undercover sting of its own on February 3, 2010, wherein a woman posing as a potential abortion customer received an appointment for a surgical abortion with Rutland for later that day.

Operation Rescue immediately contacted the Medical Board and submitted a copy of the recorded conversation.

Listen to the call

Rutland’s attorney told the LA Times that Rutland’s daughter was actually doing the surgical abortions, but in the call made by Operation Rescue, the receptionist “Rhea” indicated that the caller’s appointment would be with Dr. Rutland, referring frequently to “him.” There was no mention of another physician.


OperationCounterstrike said...

Sorry but this dog won't hunt. The receptionist could have been confused and Dr. Rutland was only seen doing a MEDICAL abortion, not a surgical abortion. So no violation.

Rutland may be guilty of some bad stuff but this isn't among it.

Christina Dunigan said...


I'm just glad somebody is keeping an eye on the guy.

OperationCounterstrike said...

UPDATE: I was right. The judge found no violation.

Ladybug said...

After the hearing, Kathleen Nicholls of the California Medical Board commented, “How many patients have to die before a doctor is shut down? It’s unfortunate someone else is going to have to die to change this order.”

The California Medical Board has stated that it will now press forward with a full Board hearing to revoke Rutland’s license “as expeditiously as possible.”

Christina Dunigan said...