Thursday, February 25, 2010

Today's searches: Lysol douche ads, and more

  • Lysol douche ads: Yes, They're for real. Which may explain some of the "Lysol abortion" stories. After all, if something is advertised as a safe and healthful thing to douche with, well a little bit more couldn't hurt, could it?

  • Dr. Kermit B Gosnell: He goes back quite a way with the abortion advocacy movement, from his participation in the Mother's Day Fiasco in which he and "Dr." Harvey Karman turned a busload of minority women from Chicago into unwitting Guinea pigs, to running a nasty Philadelphia abortion mill where Karnamaya Mongar died last November.

  • Six week embryo remains a popular search. Here you go. And for those of you still looking, 20-week fetus.

  • Raymond Showery: the guy who killed Mickey Apodaca in his seedy abortion mill.

  • Abortion songs. Cheery bunch of ditties.

  • Back by popular demand: Abortion videos

  • "abortion allowed in first trimester, doctor's choice in second trimester, no abortion allowed in third trimester". Actually, no. Abortion allowed in first and second trimesters, doctor's choice in third trimester.

  • Abortion in the 1930s: I look at the setting and the deaths.

  • Deaths from legal abortion
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