Monday, February 15, 2010

I believe you admire her, OC?

She's a pistol, that's for sure.

You said that you agreed with her decision to kill people who thwarted her, but disagreed with the inelegance of her choice of method:

Being denied tenure is absolute invalidation of your lifework in a hierarchy which demands perfect committment, near-total exclusion of everything in life except your work for much of your life. It's like the British Navy in the HORNBLOWER series--arbitrary, ingrown, dolchstoss-oriented, almost proudly unfair. Why not kill the bastards?

What I object to is the crudeness. A gun. Any moron can fire a gun! This lady was a bioscientist, with the entire chemical industry at her disposal. She should have been able to figger out a more interesting way to get her payback.

So its not just in the case of abortion where you support killing other people who get in the way of achieving your goals.

Nice to know that you're at least consistent in your endorsement of lethal selfishness. As long as the person in question isn't so "crude" as to resort to a firearm.

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