Monday, February 15, 2010

"Dont' like abortions? Don't have one!" redux

Allegra Roseberry never wanted an abortion.

She wanted to get into an experimental treatment program for her liver cancer.

She was astonished when an ultrasound done in preparation for entering the program revealed that she was 23 weeks pregnant. She'd had to go through infertility treatments 20 years earlier to have her son.

Allegra never wanted an abortion. She wanted treatment for her cancer.

Her doctors lied to her. They told her that she wouldn't be considered for the experimental program if she was pregnant. They told her that her unborn baby was "doomed" anyway due to previous cancer treatments.

Allegra never wanted an abortion. But she believed her doctors. She believed the lies. She only wanted to live. And, after all, they told her that there was no hope for her baby. She trusted her doctors. She consented to the abortion.

An autopsy on the aborted baby exposed the lie that the baby was "doomed". Amy Ann had been perfectly healthy before the abortion killed her. The abortion her mother hadn't wanted or sought in the first place.

Allegra never wanted an abortion. She just wanted a chance to live.

The abortion was botched. Allegra developed sepsis -- a massive infection that killed her before she could even get into the experimental cancer treatment program.

After she died, her husband learned that the doctors had lied. That they'd killed his daughter and his wife in an abortion the family had never wanted in the first place.

Remember: If you don't like abortion, don't want an abortion, don't ever plan to seek out an abortion on your own, then legalized abortion won't ever effect you and your family.*

*This message brought to you by the Father of Lies.

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