Monday, February 08, 2010

Spittle Squad Update or Modern Feminism's New Look

The Spittle Squad hasn't had sense enough to shut up and lay low until it all blows over. NARAL is pitching a hissy fit via email:

Last night, despite weeks of objections from pro-choice Americans across the country, Focus on the Family aired a 30-second ad in front of an audience of 100 million viewers to promote their anti-choice agenda.

Um... can anybody pinpoint the "antichoice" aspect of the Tebow ads? Here's the most offensive one:

PAM TEBOW: "I almost lost my baby, but he's all grown up now!"
NARAL: Antichoice! Antichoice!

What? They're afraid other women might be inspired (excuse me, brainwashed) to love their kids, too? As if that's the most nefarious and unnatural thing in the world -- for a mother to love her kid, even when he's all grown up.

The message I've been getting from the continued Spittle Squad spraying is:

1. Pam Tebow is dangerous because she might inspire other women who are being pushed into unwanted, unnecessary abortions to question their doctors and get second opinions. Evidently "feminist" thought on this is that women ought not to worry their pretty little heads. They should just shut up and do what the doctor chooses for them. Strong willed women should only pursue their own goals if those goals involve undergoing abortions. Women who reject abortion are bad role models.

2. Tim Tebow is dangerous because he doesn't respect traditional gender roles. He roughhoused with his mother. On national TV no less! Other sons might think it's okay to roughhouse with their mothers! We all know that only dads can roughhouse with their kids! Moms should just shake pom poms and bake cupcakes! This is evidently "feminist" thought. Violating gender roles regarding roughhousing constitutes "domestic violence".

In summary: Women are fragile, delicate little bits of fluff who can't think for themselves or handle a little horsing around with their grown children.

Um... What happened to "Trust Women" and "Defend Choice"? Or do they only apply when the woman is choosing abortion?


WKen said...

If we're going to complain about his roughhousing, then what about the ad with someone tackling Betty White?

That seems worse to me.

Yes, FoF has their "antichoice" agenda. But this ad doesn't push it.

I think that it's plain to see why CBS allowed this ad despite the controversy ... it's because the ad isn't controversial.

All that's left is people who hate FoF and all pro-lifers. But in this country, even pro-lifers are allowed to speak.

I would think that feminists would make better use of their time getting upset about the ad that showed some woman posting naked pictures of herself in the bath tub online.

Sigh ...

Cecilia said...

If the mainsteam feminists cared as much about stopping human trafficking as they do about promoting abortion, there would be hope that they might actually evolve into a real women's rights group.

Katie said...

"Or do they only apply when the woman is choosing abortion?"