Monday, February 15, 2010

More of how abortion doesn't affect you if you don't want an abortion yourself

Jaime was excited about the impending birth of her third child. The baby was unplanned, but very eagerly anticipated.

Jaime had no plans whatsoever to seek an abortion. She was just going in for a routine ultrasound.

The ultrasound technician began acting strangely, asking questions, going in and out of the room. Finally Jaime's obstetrician came into the room and gave her the news: The ultrasound showed anencephaly. Jaime's baby's skull had never closed. The baby's brain hadn't formed properly. There was very little brain at all. The condition was inevitably fatal.

Jaime was in shock.

My doctor had proceeded to tell us there was a room upstairs to start an induction. She never asked me or had said go home, rest, make an informed decision when you are thinking clearly. ....

Being in that kind of mental state, I ended up following her upstairs.

Without even giving Jaime time to digest the news, her doctor had arranged an abortion. An abortion Jaime hadn't asked for. An abortion Jaime hadn't even been asked if she wanted. An abortion initiated while she was still in total shock from the news that her beloved baby was going to die.

Fortunately for Jaime, the attempted abortion failed, despite three days of repeated efforts on the doctor's part. Once she was able to think clearly, Jaime insisted on being allowed to go home, to take no steps to hasten her baby's death. She carried nearly to term. Her baby, Brandon, was born alive. They cuddled and loved him:

The day of the 15th we spent just like any other normal family that delivers a healthy baby, with the exception Brandon did not leave our room at all. That afternoon we gave him a bath, he never did seem to like being bathed and would cry really loudly as I tried to wash him. I sang to him, kissed, cuddled and talked to him, watched him coo and make spit bubbles. Cry again very loudly when I accidentally clipped him while trimming his long fingernails. As I would nod off while holding him, it was nice to see him fuss as I woke him up from sleep. I say nice because it disproves the textbook theory that our babies cannot feel anything. Anencephalic babies DO feel, they feel pain, pleasure, and most importantly, they feel our love.

Jaime and her husband had 53 hours with their son -- a son who had nearly been prematurely taken from them by a doctor who initiated an unsought, unwanted abortion on a patient who was in shock.

But remember: Abortion only impacts you and your family if you personally approve of abortion, if you happen to want an abortion and seek it out of your own accord.*

*This message brought to you by the Father of Lies

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