Sunday, February 21, 2010

Today's Searches: 20 week abortions, and more

  • Everything you wanted to know about 20-week abortions but were afraid to ask is here.

  • Coathanger abortions = symptom of mental health issues.

  • Delta Clinic Baton Rouge, an unwholesome facility, to say the least.

  • Six-week abortion information is here.

  • Self-induced abortion covers a multitude of sins, from "self-help" to self-harm.

  • Obama abortion third trimester -- Here you go!

  • Abortion in the 1950s -- Oddly enough, a time when the plummeting criminal abortion death rate temporarily leveled off, then reversed itself. I'm guessing improved data collection, but I could be wrong.

  • Video of an actual abortion is among the the videos embedded here.

  • Abortion 1920: I'll cover the entire decade.

  • Anyone have an ectopic baby? Very rarely, but yes. Which is why I -- and some other pro-life women -- would choose a "wait and see" approach to an ectopic pregnancy ourselves.

  • Chemical abortion

  • Death from sepsis after chemical abortion: Vivian Tran, Holly Patterson, Chanelle Bryant, Oriane Shevin, and "Wanda" Roe.

  • 18-week fetus

  • Teen abortion stories

  • Deaths because of abortion
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