Sunday, February 14, 2010

The "Don't like abortions? Don't have one!" lie

N.J. Teen Sues School for "Unwanted Abortion"

After the teen and her parents made a plan for the birth of her child, she transferred to an alternative school. There, according to the lawsuit, a counsellor took it upon herself to browbeat the teen into a secret abortion, which she took her for without her parents' knowledge or consent.

Ah, but abortions are only performed on women who want them and seek them out entirely of their own accord! The availability of legal abortion won't ever effect you or your family if you don't begin the quest for an abortion on your own initiative!*

*This claim brought to you by the Father of Lies


OperationCounterstrike said...

1. They settled the case. Go back and read your link again.

2. This is a case of someone overstepping her authority, for which she was, appropriately, fired and sanctioned. An exception, an aberration, not policy.

Christina Dunigan said...

Still shows that your premise - that abortions are only ever done on patients who want them and seek them out of their own accord -- is bullshit. But you already knew that.

OperationCounterstrike said...

OK, I hereby change my premise to: EXCEPT FOR RARE EXCEPTIONS, abortions are only done on patients who want them and seek them out. And, in those rare exceptions, the victims are able to sue and collect **KA-CHING!** big buckaroos in court.

Happy now?

Christina Dunigan said...

1. KA-CHING! as you put it, is cold comfort for a dead baby. But then, you don't get that women are capable of loving their babies so it's pointless to try to explain that to you.

2. It's not exactly "rare" when more than half of women aborting report that they're doing it under pressure from somebody else, after being rushed through "counseling", without being fully informed about risks or alternatives. The point is that they're having abortions they don't really want to submit to. Which I realize is as alien a concept to you as mother-love. I don't expect you to get it.

3. I won't be happy until our society is restructured to support women who love their children, and the women who hate their children and want them to die are looked at with the same bewildered loathing we now reserve for slave traders.

OperationCounterstrike said...

There you go again. "Pressure from somebody else" is not the same as force and it's not coersion. You CHOOSE whether or not to YIELD to the pressure.

Christina Dunigan said...

But it still illustrates the point that all these "pro choice" abortions aren't necessarily being done on women who sought them out of their own accord, much less would have gone to all the trouble to arrange a criminal abortion were legal abortion not readily available.

Now, you, as a self-identified "prochoicer" may be fine with women being browbeaten into unwanted abortions. In fact, I've met plenty of self-identified "prochoicers" who don't care who chooses the abortion as long as it takes place. But none of that matters to the woman who was duped into believing the lie that as long as she didn't initiate the idea of an abortion on her own, it would never make a difference in her life.

Lilliput said...

Does that mean you believe that the US should become more social like the UK where pregnant women get housing and benefits if they cannot afford their babies. The way I see it is that if a single women is pregnant and expects her family to financially and physically look after the child then they rightly do have a say in whether it should be kept or not. A teenager cannot expect her mother to look after her baby without giving her a choice?

Christina Dunigan said...

Lil, it's not like we have two choices -- total Socialism, or Dog-Eat-Dog.

Society is screwed up and it's gonna take more than throwing money at welfare moms to fix it.

The women I see on welfare almost universally end up on the dole because they have a Cinderella Complex. Their identity hinges on having A Man. The desperate need to have A Man leads them to settle for men of lower and lower quality as their lives spiral downward, while having higher and higher expectations of what the men in question will deliver. These women want to be comfortable middle-class housewives, when the only men they're attracted to and comfortable with are the kinds of guys you find on work release crews. And those men aren't ever going to even be blue-collar wage earners, because they have so many kids by so many women that there's no point in getting a job because it'd all be garnished in child support.

There's no easy fix to that. Throwing contraceptives at it won't fix it -- especially when so many of these women WANT to have babies with these guys because they think it will make them stick around. Throwing money at them won't fix it -- because it enables them. What they need can only be given one on one -- help developing a sense of worth that stems from inside the woman herself, and not the fact that some guy says pretty things and has sex with them.

If I had the answers, I'd be .... I was gonna say "rich", but the real answer is "out of work"! But that's unemployment I'd welcome!

Cecilia said...

Operation Counterstrike is an abortionist himself, so he's never met an abortion that he didn't like. He's going to deny that coercion or pressure ever happen, because to admit that would make the abortion industry look bad, something he doesn't wnat to do. He may even pressure women into abortions himself for financial reasons (his finances not the woman's). But wouldn't admit that, as that would make abortion in general and his clinic in particular look bad.

Kathy said...

Cecilia, I've not seen OC claim to be an abortionist. He has said that he performed (or just witnessed?) one or more abortions in med school; but he is not a doctor, by his own admission, so if he is performing abortions then he would be breaking the law.