Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kermit Gosnell: The Super Coil Connection

W. Phila abortion doctor had problems 38 years ago

I guess it should be no surprise that prochoicers sent a woman to Kermit Gosnell's filthy Philadelphia abortion mill. Abortion rights activists had sent vulnerable women to Gosnell before -- when he provided expertise and facilities for Harvey Karman to do his notorious 1972 Mother's Day abortion fiasco

The "Jane" criminal abortion ring in Chicago had been raided, and their lay abortionists arrested. So the remaining Jane members loaded up a bus full of poor minority women and hauled them to Philadelphia so that Karman could use them for medical experiments. Karman packed these women -- like Gosnell's recent victim, Karnamaya Mongar, well into the second trimester of pregnancy -- with plastic "super coils". Karman figured that these "super coils" would cause a quick, easy abortion.

It turned out that what the "super coils" produced were super complications. Health officials investigated after one woman was hospitalized in Philly and others hospitalized on their return to Chicago.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. And the procohice motto seems to be "He does abortions. That's good enough."

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For more on Gosnell's history, read A child herself, she awoke after abortion to a sight of horror

Medical complications from induced abortion by the super coil method (PDF of full article), aka Kermit Gosnell and Harvey Karman's idea of ethical medical research. Or as a layman would put it, "Using women as lab rats."


OperationCounterstrike said...

Yep, sometimes clinical trials end up wrong. That's why we do clinical trials before marketing!

What's your idea, no more clinical trials, so we keep medicine exactly as it is today, for all time??

Christina Dunigan said...

It's nice to know you admire their work, OC! I suppose you consider Harvey Karman and Kermit Gosnell to be models of ethical medical test design!

Unsuspecting patients? Check!
Lack of informed consent? Check!
Lack of a control group? Check!
Lack of peer review? Check!

Keep digging, OC. You'll bury yourself yet.

OperationCounterstrike said...

Aha, but you didn't SAY there was a lack of informed consent and a lack of a control group. All you said was he did a clinical trial and it turned out badly for some women.

Christina Dunigan said...

So I notice you didn't read the links. And if you're such an expert on abortion, how come you're not familiar with the 1972 Super Coil fiasco?

Harvey got the idea in his head that packing a woman's uterus full of plastic springs would be a good way to cause a mid- to late-second trimester abortion. So he and Gosnell packed the patients full of super coils. This wasn't done under any sort of supervised medical protocol -- just some nut who called himself a doctor stuffing women's wombs full of stuff because it struck him as a good idea.

There was actually a woman's group in Philly -- a prochoice group -- outside the clinic, protesting and letting the air out of the bus tires in outrage over how these women were being treated like so many lab rats by that man.

Maybe that's an abortionist's idea of proper clinical trials, but it's not mine.

OperationCounterstrike said...
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Lilliput said...

Unfortunately this isn't confined to abortion medicine - you should read some of the early psychiatry clinical trials - we hope this era is behind us and I pray that soon we won't even use animals either.

Christina Dunigan said...

I was merely pointing out the low standards a lot of abortion supporters have -- that they'd consider quacks like Karman and Gosnell "pioneers" and refer women to them.

The Jane abortion ring didn't take their women to Dr. Timanus or Dr. Spencer -- reputable physicians, even if abortionists. They took them to a freak like Karman.

The abortion facility in Maryland didn't refer Karnamaya Mongar to a facility that had passed recent health department inspections. Is that because there ARE none in that area? Right there near the Metro DC area, which is packed with NAF facilities and Planned Parenthoods?

The main thing I'm trying to accomplish with ardent abortion supporters isn't to convince you to convert. I'm trying to convince you that prochoicers ought to be investigating these places before they refer women to them, and if they find quackery they ought to report it.

This doesn't strike me as being either unreasonable or out of keeping with the values and priorities you express yourselves.