Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Blog Roundup

  • Is liveblogging your abortion enlightened or exhibitionistic? The Inquisitr claims to be "gray on the issue" but is pretty strongly supportive of abortion simply because. Any reason is good enough. Hardly "gray" -- it's hardcore. (Has anybody else noticed that the further to the Left somebody is, the more they insist that they're centrist?)

    At any rate, The Inquisitr does note Angie Jackson's exhibitionist pleas for validation. The mutable backstory. The feeble claims of her life being in danger. It's well worth a read.

    As for The Inquisitr's question, "do you believe her use of social media during her abortion helped or harmed women in the same situation?" It depends on what you mean by "in her situation." I think anything that gets people talking -- and more to the point, really thinking and learning about abortion -- is going to be a positive thing. Angie Jackson's claims that her life is in danger can pull up discussions of "maternal indications". Her depictions of her apparently worthless sperm contributor can pull up discussions of the crappy relationships women are wiling to settle for, and how these relationships are a big part of what lands women on the abortion table. The question is whether or not we'll talk about those things, or whether it'll all get bogged down in the slogfest over whether Angie is a stalwart champion of women's rights, a selfish baby-killing trollop, or just a sad example of what passes for liberation to the modern woman.

  • Hot Air is an example of the buzz about the woman who pulled a knife on a prolifer outside an abortion clinic -- only to end up thanking her for sparing her for a lifetime of regret. Priests for Life has an excellent piece on the fear that drives many women to abortion. And when you're scared, you lash out.

  • At NewsBusters, we have ABC’s Osunsami Highlights High Rate of Abortion Among Black Women. I'd also like to point out that a Black woman is twice as likely as a white woman to die of complications once she climbs on the abortion table. Funny how this particular racial disparity isn't worthy of notice or comment.

  • We have a very interesting 90% pro-life atheist's perspective of abortion. Jeremy opposes abortion except for "hard cases", and ponders briefly what the numbers are. This Guttmacher Institute report notes that 13% of women reported "possible problems affecting the health of the fetus" as contributing reason for abortion (4% gave it as the primary reason); 12% cited "physical problems with my health" as a contributing reason (3% as the primary reason), 1% cited rape, and less than half of one percent cited incest. Note that these are not confirmed fetal abnormalities, nor is there any investigation into the severity of the suspected abnormality. That 13% could be anything from a diagnosis of anencephaly to preferring to get pregnant after drinking plenty of orange juice to reduce the risk of birth defects. The 12% of women reporting concerns about their health can be anything from a history of life-threatening complications late in previous pregnancies to just feeling like "I'm too old for this." The Guttmacher paper is so instructive that I'm going to devote an entire post to it. Thanks, Jeremy!
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