Tuesday, February 16, 2010

If you don't seek out an abortion, you're safe. Not.

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Baby born healthy after hospital advised abortion

This is news on a par with "Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead." Doctors are always pushing for abortions on babies that turn out to be perfectly healthy (Scroll down for links). But still, Kudos to ABC for noticing in one case, at least.

Fiona Vanderhook came close to never knowing her 14-month-old son Diesel.

When she was five weeks pregnant, a trainee doctor told Ms Vanderhook she had lost the baby.

The doctor recommended termination using the drug misoprostol, but the drug did not work and a follow-up scan showed the foetus was still alive.

Got that? The doctors told her that her baby was dead and on their recommendation Fiona submitted to what was really an abortion attempt on her living unborn child.

Later scans revealed the baby had fluid on the brain - a condition likely caused by the abortion drug Ms Vanderhook had been given.

Despite six other specialist opinions that the baby would be born normal, Ms Vanderhook says a senior obstetrician at Canberra Hospital continued to press her to terminate the baby, even at 31 weeks, when termination would have involved inducing labour.

She hadn't wanted the first abortion, the one that had, thank God, failed. (Had it not failed, Fiona would never have learned that her baby hadn't died naturally. How often do these unnecessary, "medically indicated" procedures to expel supposedly dead babies actually kill live, wanted and loved babies?

And after the first unwanted abortion, they started trying to badger Fiona into a second unwanted abortion.

The Vanderhook's barrister, Bernard Collaery, believes there is a simple explanation why the hospital was urging her to terminate the pregnancy.

"Away would go the litigation that might in the event of serious deformities produce a multi-million dollar verdict," he said.

Remember: The abortion culture won't touch your life or endanger your child. The abortion culture exists only to serve those who want and seek out abortions of their own accord.*

*This message brought to you by the Father of Lies

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