Monday, February 15, 2010

Tebow ad got people thinking

HT: Big Blue Wave

Followup Poll Finds Pro-Life Tim Tebow Super Bowl Ad Connected With Viewers

The polling found that the pro-life commercial made a huge impact on the nation as 62 percent of Super Bowl watchers said they were aware of the ad, and the story of Pam Tebow's decision not to have an abortion, before the game.


The ad appeared to have a significant impact with 4 percent of those viewing saying it caused them to reconsider their opinions on abortion.

Anything that gets people to think about abortion rather than just assume the stand that is popular among their friends is a good thing. And yes, that means among prolifers as well as prochoicers. It's ignorance that allows abortion mills to suck women in during a time of stress and vulnerability. Knowledge is power.

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