Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Today's searches: Abortion videos, and more

  • Abortion videos: I have a collection here.

  • Malcolm Knarr: Hm. Somebody's looking for him again. I wonder what's up.

  • Sylvia Moore: The only one I know of was shoved out the door to bleed to death New Year's Eve in 1986 by abortionist Arnold Bickham.

  • Stories of teenage abortions: I have some here, with a link to more.

  • Abortion 1960: I'll cover deaths for the whole decade.

  • Abortion after hyperemesis: If you need information, go here.

  • Inno Obasi: The guy who cut a uterine artery by mistake and let Synthia Dennard bleed to death.

  • Clara Duvall knitting needle: Well, I have Clara's story here, though the knitting needle bit was never verified.

  • Third trimester abortion New Jersey: Information about third trimester abortion laws in all the states.

  • 20 week fetus

  • Failed abortion

  • 6 week embryo

  • Death from abortion.

  • 13 week fetus

  • Abby Johnson interview (Former Planned Parenthood worker converted to prolife)

  • Gerald Zupnik: abortionist
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