Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More information on last year's Philly abortion death

The woman I had dubbed "Amelia Roe" has been identified as 41-year-old Karnamaya Mongar. The following summary is taken from these medical board documents and A death after abortion at suspended medic's clinic:

Damber Ghalley remembers seeing his unconscious sister on an ambulance stretcher, being taken out the back door of the West Philadelphia clinic where she had undergone an abortion.


"I asked the doctor, 'What happened?' " Ghalley recalled yesterday during a phone interview. "He said: 'Her heart stopped. The procedure went well, but her heart stopped.' "

It was November 20, 2009. Damber had taken his sister to Kermit Gosnell's filthy Philadelphia abortion mill. She had first gone to a facility in Virginia, but because they didn't do abortions after 12 weeks, they referred Karnamaya to an abortion clinic in Maryland. But Karnamaya was 18 or 19 weeks pregnant, further along than the Maryland clinic performed abortions, so they referred her to Gosnell's place.

The order suspending Gosnell's license said that an unlicensed employee, Lynda Gayle Williams, had given Karnamaya d 10 mg. Demerol and 12.5 mg promethazine, then had called Gosnell because the patient was still experiencing severe pain. Gosnell ordered more medications to be administered before his arrival -- 75 mg Demerol, 12.5 mg. promethazine, and 10 mg. diazepam -- and then ordered yet more after he arrived.

After Gosnell completed the abortion, Karnamaya developed a cardiac arrhythmia, and went into v-vib (abnormal heart rhythm that can't sustain life. An ambulance was summoned to take her to the hospital.

The suspension order describes "deplorable and unsanitary" conditions such as "blood on the floor and parts of aborted fetuses in jars." It also says an employee with no medical license routinely dispensed prescription drugs and performed medical exams while Gosnell was out of the clinic.

The clinic - a block away from Penn Presbyterian Medical Center - has big black letters proclaiming dental care, family practice, geriatrics, and physical therapy, but the order suspending Gosnell's license says it "specializes in abortions and pain management."

Karnamaya's brother, and her 21-year-old daughter, Yashoda Mongar, had accompanied her to the clinic. Karnayaya, her husband, and their three children had come to the United States five months ago from Bhutan. Ghalley, who speaks fluent English, was helping his sister and her family and interpreting for them.

Ghalley's first impression of the Philadelphia facility - a shabby, three-story brick structure with a two-story annex - was not good.

"So dirty. Dirty, bloody, a lot of people waiting," Ghalley recalled. "I was thinking at that time, maybe he [the doctor] was cheaper."

Later, as Ghalley watched his sister being put in the ambulance, a clinic employee and his niece began crying.

"I was crying, too," Ghalley said. "There was no other disease. My sister was fine before that."

Karnamaya's brother and daughter waited at the hospital through the night, to no avail. Karnamaya was pronounced dead.

"In this case, the worker had absolutely no medical training or license whatsoever," said Basil Merenda, state commissioner of professional and occupational affairs.

Interestingly enough, RH Reality Check isn't blaming Kermit Gosnell for Karnamayar's death. Nor are they blaming the prochoicers at the Maryland clinic who referred her to a filthy abortion mill. They're blaming the prolifers who tried to protect her. Which makes as much sense as blaming MADD for a drunk driving death. If the abortion lobby is as opposed to substandard, dirty, dangerous abortion clinics, why did they refer this woman to one?

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