Saturday, February 27, 2010

This morning's searches

  • Varying ages of fetuses, and how they get aborted, remain popular searches. 6 weeks. 18 weeks. 20 weeks.

  • Legal to kill Mormon? Not any more. But right up until 1976, not only was it legal to kill Mormons in Missouri -- there was an extermination order against them on the books.

  • Abortion in 1940. My focus is on the mortality. I'll provide the whole darned decade. In a nutshell, during the 1940s, while abortion was still illegal, there was a massive drop in maternal mortality from abortion. The death toll fell from 1,407 in 1940, to 744 in 1945, to 263 in 1950. Most researches attribute this plunge to the development of blood transfusion techniques and the introduction of antibiotics. Chew on that, folks: abortion mortality fell over 80% without such a drastic step as legalizing abortion. Clearly it was something else besides taking away the penalties for killing women that was saving women's lives.

  • Why are people suddenly looking for Raymond Showery? Did the guy suddenly kick off or something? Showery ran a disgusting El Paso abortion hospital, and should be remembered for killing abortion patient Mickey Apodaca while out on bail for killing a baby that survived an abortion.

  • Songs about abortion remains a popular search. They're a cheery bunch of ditties, for sure.

  • Failed abortion remains a popular search. Here's an overview.. What's really interesting is how many women change their minds about wanting the baby dead after it survives the first attempt on its life. If the woman's life would truly be ruined by having the baby, wouldn't she still "need" the abortion just as much after the first attempt failed? The existence of these women, and their living children, ought to give pause to those who believe that abortions are done on women who truly need them and wouldn't change their minds.

  • Abortion videos remain a popular search. I've collected lots of abortion videos here.

  • Anencephaly survival: A fact sheet indicates that 75% of babies with anencephaly will survive delivery. Five percent live six or more days. But sometimes babies survive for months -- without any nightmarish "tubes and machines" scenarios. One such baby's life is chronicled here.

  • Legal abortion deaths

  • Potomac Family Planning: Earl McLeod performed this fatal abortion there in 1997.
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    Katie said...

    I remember following Faith's story. Her mother is a really inspiring person. But recalling the viciousness with which she was attacked by pro-abortion atheists still makes me physically ill.