Monday, August 11, 2008

1923: One woman dies, another implicated

On August 11, 1923, 26-year-old Martha Byzynski died at Chicago's St. Mary's Hospital from an abortion performed that day. The coroner named Jane Worchowski as the person responsible. Worchowski's profession is given as nurse or midwife.

  • What percentage of pre-legalization abortions were done by nurses, midwives, and other people who weren't doctors but still had medical training?
    Less than 1%
    About 4%
    About 30%
    Over 50%

    For more on pre-legalization abortion, see The Bad Old Days of Abortion

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    John said...

    I didn't get this one right, and the last one you did (4 questions) I got all wrong too! Looks like I have a lot to learn! But I am learning. I'm so thankful that you put up this blog. I may be the only guy who reads it, but I'll let more people know about it!

    Christina Dunigan said...

    Thanks, John!

    Anonymous said...

    first clicked c, then b. Very enlightening. Differs from what i thought (had been led to believe.)


    Christina Dunigan said...

    Thanx, sarah.

    It's a bit tough to find, but I really recommend the Planned Parenthood conference proceedings, and Nancy Howel Lee's "The Search for an Abortionist".

    Anonymous said...

    thankyou i have added these to my to read list