Sunday, August 10, 2008

Somebody needs to check ads regularly

911 Callers Told of Carnage at Texas Bus Wreck Scene

The bus company was obviously advertising, so that this church group could find it to arrange the charter. Whenever there's any type of overseeing entity, there needs to be somebody whose job it is to check advertisements periodically to see that everybody who's running ads is actually being overseen.

I've seen this often enough in abortion -- places openly operating, figuring nobody's ever going to question them. Right now the only people checking to see if they're licensed and operating legally seems to be prolifers. (Though it's possible to just name your private practice so it looks like a licensed clinic, so I think we need to have some truth in advertising there, where doctors have to make it plain whether or not they're running a clinic or not.)

Having a licensing process is all very well and good, but it can also give the impression that all entities advertising a service are licensed.


Anonymous said...

OMG, how can we stand by while dozens of innocent church goers are slaughtered by these evil contraptions every day??? BAN CHARTER BUSES! CHARTER BUSES R MURDER!

Christina Dunigan said...

Anon, take your meds and come back later, okay?

Anonymous said...

You first, babe.