Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Has Ghali resurfaced?

Somebody came to my blog after searching for "Nabil Ghali, M.D. Cuyahoga County".

This guy is a real piece of work. But the last I saw of him was in 1997, when he got arrested in Ohio for practicing medicine without a license and raping his patients.

I figured he was bound to pop up again sooner or later. Does this search mean there's been a sighting?

Here's the Ghali Timeline. Please let me know if you can fill in any gaps:

  • Born in Cairo, Egypt

  • Graduated from medical school in Cairo

  • First granted license to practice medicine in Ohio

  • Prescribed Valium to mother, allegedly causing injury of infant Richard in Kentucky

  • Sued over death of woman and injury of infant in delivery in Kentucky
  • Injury of infant Nathan in Kentucky

  • Conviction for sexual transaction with minor in Kentucky

  • Ohio license suspended. Ghali appeals.

  • Utah license revoked for making false statements in renewal application; he'd denied disciplinary actions that had been taken against him by Kentucky
  • Fatal abortion on Ellen Williams at Dadeland
  • Botched abortion on "Charice" at Ladies First in Florida
  • Ohio license suspension upheld in court. Ghali appeals.

  • Applied for renewal of Ohio license, failed to disclose suspension of Utah license. Suspension upheld on appeal.
  • Botched abortion on "Priscilla" at Ladies First in Florida

  • License revoked in Kentucky, Florida, and New York due to sexual transaction with minor
  • Botched abortion on "Pamela" at Women's Medical Center of Miami

  • License revoked in California due to sexual transaction with minor
  • Ohio license reinstated by court
  • Botched abortion on "Gail" at Dadeland in Florida
  • Applied for renewal of Ohio license, not indicating that he'd been disciplined since his last application although his license had been revoked in New York, California, and Florida. The Ohio Medical Board said, "the evidence shows a long-term pattern of repeated fraud. Such behavior on Dr. Ghali's part provides no foundation for a continued relationship between him and the Board, which is charged with regulating licenses and protecting the public."

  • Ghali's Blue Coral clinic shut down in Florida

  • Ohio license ordered revoked in November for giving false and/or misleading information on application for reinstatement.
  • Failed to diagnose ectopic pregnancy on "Janilla" in Kentucky

  • Botched abortions on "Vonnie" and "Brittany" in Ohio
  • Ohio orders permanent revocation of license. Ghali appeals.

  • Botched abortion on "Susan" in Ohio
  • Numerous attempts by Ghali to regain Ohio license fail in court

  • Ohio Supreme Court refuses to hear Ghali's appeal; license is effectively permanently revoked.

  • Women sue after sexual assaults at Academy in Ohio

    roosclan said...

    One update to the Ghali timeline:
    Peaceful, nonviolent direct action protest staged at his Cleveland clinic to expose his business of practicing medicine without a license. I was there. I was arrested, and I'm proud of that fact.

    Christina Dunigan said...

    Why were YOU arrested when HE was breaking the law?

    Unknown said...

    No one was arrested other than Dr. Ghali. And I would appreciate that people stop making up stories.