Friday, August 08, 2008

Searches: dead, Birmingham, anencephaly, and Lysol douches

  • Abortion clinics in Birmingham, AL: How's this one for you? A real winner, no?

  • Kimberly Neil: There is this young woman, who in 2000 joined the sad ranks of women killed by abortions at Family Planning Associates Medical Group.

  • Anencephaly abortion: Reflections here.

  • Lysol douche ad: These are for real. And they might go a long way toward explaining the Lysol abortion stories, on two fronts. First of all, maybe some of those "abortions" were actually messed-up douches, attempts to reinvigorate the marriage, per the ads. Second of all, if something is known to kill germs (Killing germs is a good thing, right?), and it's touted by experts as healthy to put into your body, how could putting a little more of it in a bit deeper be that much of a problem? I could see some befuddled, anxious woman thinking that.

  • Herbal abortion: Not recommended. See here.

  • Michelle Thames lawsuit and Michelle Thames death: I know of an abortion death of a young woman by that name, and her family filed suit.

    For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

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