Saturday, August 30, 2008

The predictable abortion advocacy response

Planned Parenthood Action Center sent me an email with the snarky title, "Truly stunning: a woman who doesn't trust other women"

Well, sometimes some women don't deserve to be trusted.

Andrea Yates and Susan Smith are living proof that just having two X chromosomes doesn't mean you can be trusted. They were trusted with children, and that trust proved to be tragically misplaced.

Others choose to kill children before birth. And Planned Parenthood's Cecile Richards is fine with that.

Well, like Governor Sarah Palin, I hold that this is one choice women ought not to simply be "trusted" with.

Regardless of your genetic makeup, killing another human being just because you think your life would be easier that way not a valid choice, and the very act of making that choice is proof that you can not be trusted.

At least not with a child.

Which is why we need to restore legal protection to the unborn.

Some women can't be trusted.

You need look no further from the nation's appalling abortion rate for proof of that.


Anonymous said...

Trust and professing to care about women.

It is especially difficult for women who have trusted abortion clinics, who told them that they might feel a little sad after an abortion, when infact losing a child this way can be the most devastating and prolonged grief a woman will experience. This grief is especially hard to deal with, when those who actively promote abortions deny that this grief exists, and go out of their way to publicly regard without trust those women who are suffering. The aborted woman is not trusted before, during or after the procedure. Planned Parenthood has 'trusted' countless numbers of women who have been left psychologically damaged, longing for their aborted child and unable to process what has happened to them.


Anonymous said...

So.... I'm assuming that the pro-aborts are going to "trust other women" and fully support the GOP VP candidate simply because she's a woman. (Is it just me laughing uproariously at this idea?)

What's that line from "Animal Farm" -- all animals are created equal... but some are more equal than others. (?) All women can be trusted, except for those who stand against abortion, I guess.

Freakin' double standards!

Anonymous said...

Great blogg. Don't mind planned parenthood...tell them you don't trust dollar hungry crooks who are mostly men with a few token women to 'window dress' their bloody trade.

Christina Dunigan said...

Anon, you're also right in that the REAL motto, the hidden agenda, is "Trust Abortionists". Good point!

L. said...

I trust myself, quite frankly.

Christina Dunigan said...

Well, L, you know me well enough to know where I'd go with THAT!