Saturday, August 16, 2008

1974: Chicago woman dead within hours of abortion

Dorothy K. Brown, age 37, underwent a safe and legal abortion at Friendship Medical Center in Chicago on August 16, 1974. Within hours, she was dead at a nearby hospital. Her death was attributed to "shock related to hemorrhagic necrosis of uterus."

Julia Rogers and Evelyn Dudley also died after abortions at Friendship Medical Center.

  • Friendship Medical Center was one of the abortion providers mentioned in the Chicago Sun-Times "The Abortion Profiteers" series. What was different about Friendship Medical Center?
    The investigators hadn't worked there, so they hadn't uncovered problems or deaths. Friendship had instead been featured in a sidebar about "safe, compassionate abortion care".
    Friendship's owner/administrator, "Creepy Kenny" Yellin, was gunned down in a glangland-style slaying in the gutter outside his abortion mill.
    Friendship had been founded by civil-rights activist Theodore Roosevelt Mason Howard, as a broad-service medical facility for the minority community.
    Friendship was an upscale facility, catering to career women who wanted lunch-hour abortions.

    For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

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