Sunday, August 10, 2008

Search: A Planned Parenthood supporter

  • Jessica Greenbush: Jessica is one of the people who signed the hoax-oriented Planned Parenthood petition attacking CPCs.

    Jessica added the comment, "I have a right to put my tax dollars where I want them to be or remove them from where I don't want them to be. I do not support this false clinic issue. Please do not make me pay for something I don't believe in. You wouldn't want that done to you."

    Think how we feel, Jessica, when our tax dollars are going to Planned Parenthood and paying for this slander against CPCs. Not to mention the other lying and bad behavior PP engages in.

    And, Jessica, you have every right to think it was okay for Planned Parenthood to refer Christi Stile to a dangerous facility that didn't have resuscitation equipment, but why should those of us who object have our tax dollars fund such referrals? We didn't want to buy permanent brain damage for this girl with our tax dollars.

    Our tax dollars kept the doors open in the Planned Parenthood where Edrica Goode was given fatal "care" by a nurse who ignored obvious symptoms of vaginal infection. Edrica died a horrible death. If you want your money to keep open the doors of the place that killed her, make private donations. Don't ask us to fund such slovenly care for young women.

    Our tax dollars were also keeping the doors open at the Planned Parenthood that let Diana Lopez bleed to death. We didn't want our tax dollars to help purchase a life without a mother for two little boys. We didn't want our tax dollars facilitating any of these deaths. They may be okay with you and your fellow Planned Parenthood supporters, but we prolifers object strenuously.

    So, Jennifer, you can look at this death and grief and think that it's okay to spend our tax dollars making sure such things keep happening. But we prefer happy endings like this one:

    What I'd like to know is why people like you object.

    Anonymous said...

    About the you tube video, just to add, from the perspective of someone who feels that she was forced by the father to abort.

    There was no pro life demonstation or counsellor outside the clinic. But prior to going to the clinic, i was hoping that there would be someone with pro life views outside. I imagined falling into their arms.

    Pre abortion counselling was not available at this clinic. (I was hoping it would be, as i was hoping the 'counsellor' would say - look we can't do this because it is not your decision. I hoped anyone would just say that.) But for those who do receive counselling in uk clinics, (which often costs a packet), I don't know why 10-15 rushed, lip service minutes (which is what you get here), is deemed time enough to cover every aspect and situation. Furthermore, if a woman is being coerced or forced, time needs to be taken, not just to point that out, but to point it out in an effective way. (If medical staff do not pick up on that or point that out, then the abuse continues. It was obvious that i was being abused, but it was just ignored at the clinic.) Abortion clinics see abused women coming and feed on them. There will always be plenty of women to feed on. I have recently found out that women who decide to keep their pregnancies, who are known to be in an abusive relationship, are afforded extra care under a new midwife led system of monitoring. This just shows up the differences of how things are done in these clinics, and how they should be done. The situation seems more horrifying in the US. It seems that clinics will stop at nothing to achieve their priorities, social engineering and making money.

    (Sorry that ramble got quite off track.)


    Christina Dunigan said...

    Yeah, Sarah, the hospital where my granddaughter was born has all manner of great programs for new moms in need. I wonder how much Planned Parenthood tells women about these things.

    Anonymous said...

    Ahhh, I wonder, best remain tight lipped about such things, great point.


    Anonymous said...

    Sorry I just wanted to add that, you probably know that CPC's also offer post abortion counselling, (here it's for free, as opposed to having to pay at an abortion clinic.) This is another way in which CPC's try to pick up damages that abortion clinics do. There are caring, experienced and researched befrienders volunteering their time there. How often is a CPC given credit for this?

    Going to hit the hay now.



    Christina Dunigan said...

    sarah, the MSM either ignores them entirely or passes along abortion lobby lies. It's disgusting.

    Anonymous said...

    thinking about that, it is disgusting


    Kel said...

    Sarah, I'm so very sorry for what you've been through. :( I pray you find healing from your abortion, and I wish you many blessings.

    GG, I think people in denial will do anything to cover their own guilt, and that's why they will become angry at testimonials like Christi's and even at life-affirming ones like the strong young woman in that youtube video.
    Denial and guilt can be real motivators that can shape an entire life.

    Anonymous said...

    kel - am always very thankful for kind comments,

    best wishes