Sunday, August 10, 2008

"Are Democrats Now Pro-Life?"

ABC News Asks: 'Are Democrats Now Pro-Life?':

Today ABC News's Web site asks "Are Democrats Now Pro-Life? As Convention Draws Near, New Talk of a Pro-Life Presence." The story points out that after many years of being strongly pro-choice, "the party and its presumptive nominee, Barack Obama, are rethinking how they talk about the issue."


Diverse views on abortion? Not likely. NARAL Pro-Choice America used to travel under the more honest name of the National Abortion Rights Action League. It still rates members of Congress based on abortion votes. Its most recent scorecard for the U.S. Senate shows 45 members achieving a 100% pro-choice rating.

Of that number, only three are Republicans. The remaining 100 percenters are Democrats and independent Senators Lieberman and Sanders, who caucus with the Democrats. The tally for the House of Representatives shows a similar pattern. Overwhelmingly, Democrats - including presumptive presidential nominee Barack Obama ... - vote in favor of abortion.

The Democratic party isn't very open to dissent on abortion. Bob Casey was silenced at the 1992 Democratic National Convention because he wanted to -- gasp! -- speak heretical words in support of life. The Minnesota delegates got beaten up in front of TV cameras -- footage you and I will never see -- for holding prolife and pro-Casey signs. NewsBusters is guessing that ABC News is trying to present Democrats as moderate, as not being in the hip pocket of the abortion lobby. I, for one, am not buying it.

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