Thursday, August 07, 2008

Search: Gayna Uransky

Gayna Uransky, California, was one of the people signing on to Planned Parenthood's hoax petition, in which they fabricated lies and told their tales.

Gayna added comments to the petition: "If the clinics presented both sides of this weighty question, it would be a good idea. Doesn't sound as though this is the case. Let's cut their funds."

If lying to patients is grounds to cut funds, then, Gayna, we need to cut Planned Parenthood's funds. They told my babysitter her 8-week fetus was "like a blood clot". That was the lie that jolted me off the fence and got me to questioning whether they were really as benign as they presented themselves to be. Then I started investigating. And nobody who looks closely and really cares about women will much like what they see.

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