Monday, August 25, 2008

Born Alive

Since there's so much coverage lately of Obama's reluctance to have any pediatrician second-guess an abortionist's attempt to kill a baby, I've updated the Dreaded Complication page, and added a few other cases of live births triggered by abortion attempts.

Like many aspects of abortion advocacy, Obama's claim that the abortionist can be trusted to admit that he screwed up, and to just send a viable baby to the NICU, doesn't begin to pass the logic test. As abortion advocate David Grimes of the CDC once said, "It's like turning yourself in to the IRS for an audit." Nobody's going to want to say to the mother, "Oh! Remember that dead fetus I promised you? Well, we've got a live, injured baby, and you're gonna be dealing with maybe a quarter million dollar medical bill for the neonatal intensive care unit. Would you promise not to sue if I refunded your abortion fee?"

That ain't gonna happen. They're gonna say, as did William Baxter Waddill (pictured), "This baby can't live or it will be a big mess."

I don't recall a single case of a baby surviving an abortion in which the abortionist was the one who sought medical care for the child. If the baby was born at a freestanding facility, he was pretty much doomed. If he was born during an abortion being performed at a hospital, a nurse might bring him to the NICU. His best chance of survival was if his mother was sent home still pregnant, with the expectation that she'd either expel a dead fetus or return later to finish the job; his mom might go to a hospital unaffiliated with the abortionist, and then the child would get the same care he'd get if he'd have been born prematurely for any other cause besides abortion.

Feel free to prove me wrong. Give me one case in which it was the abortionist who noticed that the expelled "fetus" wasn't dead yet and sought medical care for him.

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Thankyou for explaining Obama's thinking in more detail