Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Striking a nerve

I found this charming missive in my mailbox today (Warning: Strong language):

Don't use my blog to spread your falsehood and lies you woman hating pro-birth troll...you don't give a shit about women! This is all about controlling women. In fact you don't even give a shit about the kids...where is your out cry to help this women after these kids are born??? Huw where the fuck is it? You pro birth people claim you care but you don't give a shit about the poverty a single woman lives in when she is the sole support for a child. You don't advocate socialized daycare or specialized job training or job sharing..just as long as we pop the kids out...asshole

It was forwarded to my mailbox because it had been left as a comment to this post on my own blog: Bring out your dead!

I was not using Renee's blog for any purpose whatsoever. She was using her own blog to spread the words of abortionist Garcon Romalis on why legal abortion is so supposedly so very good for women. I was using my own blog to note that the problems that led Garcon to become an abortionist were not eliminated by legalization. Renee evidently has some problems with boundaries, unable to distinguish between her own blog and mine.

She then calls me "pro-birth" as if that is some sort of insult.

Then she launches into quite a tirade, without in any way responding to a single thing in the offending blog post. She simply makes a lot of assumptions and spews quite a bit of spittle venting them. How she got from my concern over women being disemboweled or killed to a lack of concern for women remains somewhat bewildering.

Renee, do some yoga and come back when you've calmed down and then tell me exactly what you objected to in my blog post. Which, again, was in my blog.


John said...

Hi, Christina:

We "met" on an online dating site. You told me your blog site, and I get updates daily (or more) through my mail client. I read these, and I am stunned about what happens in the so-called pro-choice arena. Anyway, I want to thank you for this information.


Ladybug said...

I'm literally shaking with shock at the venom and hatred she spewed, and yet as you pointed out, in no way did she ever address you points.

Christina Dunigan said...

I'm used to the venomn, rachael. When I was working at Life Dynamics I answered the phone to get some guy screaming at me, "I hope your daughter gets raped!"

Like Dustin Hoffman's character said in Wag the Dog: This is NOTHING!

Amy said...

Yep, this is nothing.

I'd be interested to hear the hate-mailers response. Especially to the question: How is dying from an abortion - at the hands of an inept abortionist - better than having a child, even if you are poor?

And what, pray tell, ever happened to not having sex until you're ready for children? Contraception is not 100% effective - pregnancies still happen. The solution to that unplanned event is not to murder the child but to be responsible enough not to end up in that situation in the first place.

And - to the e-mailer - let's take the millions upon millions of dollars siphoned to Planned Parenthood and put them toward helping poor women and their children. I'm all for my tax dollars going to that, rather than the slaughter of unborn children and the deaths or injury of their mothers.

Christina Dunigan said...

Amy, I'm not expecting a response. That's a typical "Spit and run".

Amy said...

Yeah...I know.