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Search: Second-trimester abortions

  • 13 weeks: Laura Hope Smith (pictured), Brenda Banks, Suzanne Logan.

  • 14 weeks: Teresa (scroll down), K.B., "Alice" Roe, Sharon Davis, Carole Schaner, "Becky" Roe, Tanya Williamson, "Amy" Roe, Edrica Goode (pictured).

  • 15 weeks: Amanda, "Gloria" Roe, Teresa Causey, Gloria Small, Venus Ortiz.

  • 16 weeks: Patricia (scroll down), Claudia, "Nancy" Roe, "Wendy" Roe, "Lori" Roe, Shelli (scroll down). And Sidney Laughlin did at least one of them in his house, tossing the fetus in the trash.

  • 17 weeks: Julie, Christine Mora, Sheila Watley, "Donna" Roe, Sara Niebel, Diana.

  • 18 weeks: "Gail" Roe, Kevine, "Molly" Roe, "Sara" Roe, Robert Tamis' unnamed patient, "Kimberly" Roe, Shirley Payne, Tammy Harris.

  • 19 weeks: Joann, Diana Lopez (pictured, with her children), "Eleanor" Roe, Mary Ives, Alerte Desanges.

  • 20 weeks: Shari Graham, Francine, Megan (scroll down), Gail Wright, "Malorie" Roe, Mary Bradley, Guadalupe Negron, "Brenda" Roe, "Barbara" Roe, "Vicki" Roe, "Christi" Roe, Lisa Bardsley, Sharon Hamplton (pictured, with son, Curtis), "Colleen" Roe, Angela.

  • 21 weeks: Deanna Bell.

  • 22 weeks: Brandy, "Erica" Roe, Thelma, Mary Pena, Germaine Newman, "Anita" Roe, Latachie Veal.

  • 23 weeks: Christella Forte, Brittany, Lynn McNair, Allegra Roseberry.

  • 24 weeks: Christina Goesswein, "Pamela" Roe.

    Then there was Margot, who thought she was in the first trimester, was informed that she was 14 weeks pregnant, but who turned out to be 20 weeks pregnant. Brenda (scroll down) thought she was in the first trimester but turned out to be 14 weeks pregnant. Rosa Rodriguez thought she was in the early 2nd trimester but turned out to be over 30 weeks. Bianca (scroll down) thought she was about 12 weeks pregnant, but turned out to be around 18 weeks. Hattie thought she was 16 weeks but turned out to be 20. Nadine Bourne thought she was 14 - 16 weeks pregnant when her abortion caused the birth of a live, disabled baby. Tanisha thought she was 16 weeks but turned out to be in the third trimester. Jean thought she was in the first trimester but turned out to be 19 weeks pregnant. Janet Foster turned out to be 19 weeks pregnant, not 12 weeks. The same was true of Eurice Agbagaa.

    There are these borderline abortions performed at Midtown Hospital.

    Lou Ann Herron was said to be 23 weeks pregnant but was probably over 24 weeks. Her abortionist, John Biskind, had estimated another woman as around 23 weeks only to attempt to abort a near-term infant.

    Why are they done?

    And British abortionist/inventor David Sopher was quite adept at them.

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