Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Search: Abortion Videos

This is a popular search so I'm giving it a post of its own.

There is the Spanish abortion video with English subtitles. It's pretty graphic, including footage of a teenage patient expelling her dead baby, which the undercover investigator shows us.

To purchase videos or DVDs of former abortion workers' testimonies, visit Meet the Abortion Providers.

Priests for Life has videos about how abortions are performed; you can see them here. These videos aren't particularly graphic; Father Pavone uses fetal models to demonstrate, with real abortion instruments, how fetuses of these ages are destroyed.

You can view and read about a panel discussion about Carhart vs Gonzales, the "Partial Birth Abortion Ban" case.

There's a BBC programme about abortion that is staggering in its honesty. It includes graphic footage which the BBC got from a prolife source, but they got an abortion doctor to verify the accuracy of the footage.

How about equal time? Here's a video for the abortion advocacy side, full of so many lies and distortions it boggles the mind.

Follow along with an old Frontline program about abortion. It follows two teenage abortion patients, and also shows some women who rejected abortion and were helped by a local prolife physician and his wife.

I also gathered a collection of music videos about abortion.

And here is a video showing the results of one safe, legal abortion:

I have the best abortion videos here.

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