Saturday, August 23, 2008

Another ringing endorsement

HT: Big Blue Wave

What To Expect When You're Aborting. (As catchy as "What To Expect When You're Expecting"?)

As did BBW, I'll highlight what particularly struck me:

They give you walk-in pregnancy tests. $18 bones ($12.99 at your local drugstore. Not sure what the mark up is about. It’s not a blood test.

Hey, typical retail markup is 100%. Assuming PP buys them at the drugstore they're giving you a discount! Right? I mean, it's not like they get a discount for bulk pregnancy tests!

I peed into a dixie up. Dixie cups, the HEIGHT of medical technology).

Who wants to bet they bill them as "specimen containers" at $8 a pop when they get tax reimbursement for the pregnancy tests?

I asked to meet with a “Options Counselor”.

The O.C. was doctor, but one of these doctor’s whose speciality is apperantly aborting, not communication.

She spoke with a doctor before the abortion? That is astonishing. But getting an "Options Counselor" whose "speciality is apperantly aborting, not communication"?

What a surprise. I think I'm gonna have a heart attack and die from that surprise.

In the waiting room I decided I would just get the [abortion] pill asap. So when I asked what she believed the pros and cons were to doing the pill she busted:

“ do the surgical. Then you don’t have to do it alone.” Which is nice that they believe in the buddy system but didn’t do much to help me weigh my options.

After some pushing, she finally explained blurted out that I could hemorrhage and I would be alone. She said that they generally always recommend the surgery.

Um, are there some RU-486 deaths PP isn't telling us about? Because the dead RU-486 patients we know about died from sepsis, not hemorrhage.

Made me feel helpless and uninformed.

Par for the course at Planned Parenthood.

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Anonymous said...

They probably recommend the surgery because it generates more revenues. Not that they're after a profit, of course, they're just helping women out of a difficult situation. Uh-huh.

Although it's possible the "pill" she's referring to is Cytotec (misoprostol, miso), which has a known side effect of maternal hemorrhage when used after the 8th week of pregnancy. It's rare, and complications are more likely to happen the further along in pregnancy it's taken. But of course, it would be a "therapeutic misadventure" that killed them, not a post-abortion hemorrhage.


Christina Dunigan said...

Actually, the pill would be a bigger money maker, because they can charge for multiple visits and tell her she needs a second, surgical follow-up to finish the job whether she needs it or not.

I think what may have happened is this doctor may have seen some of the bleeding that has been observed. Suzanne Poppema said her staff were very alarmed by women coming in for aftercare visits, standing at the front desk with blood pooling in their shoes. Poppema considered this to be something you just had to adjust to. Perhaps this doctor could not.

Anonymous said...

RU486 abortion is legal until the ninth week of pregnancy, ( 8 weeks 6 days ) in the uk.

When it was forced on me, i was scanned and told that i was 8 WEEKS 1 DAY, i found out later that day that this was a lie. After i took the first pill, i became hysterical. That evening i went to my local hospital. They scanned me, and told me my baby was still alive and my baby was measuring 8 WEEKS 6 DAYS. My baby died soon after.


Christina Dunigan said...


Anonymous said...

thankyou gg