Monday, August 11, 2008

What Obama supports

Somebody found my blog by searching for Ronald Cornelsen, the pediatrician that got sucked into the fray the day William Baxter Waddill killed Mary W.'s newborn baby.

The baby, however, had been born as a result of an abortion Waddill had initiated on Mary. The baby was supposed to be dead. Waddill said it himself, in front of multiple witnesses.

He told Cornelsen, "Sorry to get you in this mess. We had a baby that came out live from a saline abortion, and it can't live!"

Cornelsen said Waddill pressed his hand on the baby's throat and said, "I can't find the goddam trachea," and "This baby won't stop breathing."

Cornelsen asked Waddill why he couldn't just leave the baby alone, and Waddill replied, "This baby can't live or it will be a big mess."

Waddill persisted in his efforts. A pathologist examined the baby's lungs and concluded that she'd been alive for at least 30 minutes. The neck trauma was "consistent with manual pressure, and inconsistent with saline." This pathologist also testified that only the infant's placenta and small bowel seemed to have been "significantly affected by the saline," meaning that the baby had not suffered fatal injury from exposure to the saline in-utero. The autopsy found the cause of the baby's death to have been "manual strangulation." The baby's gestational age was determined to have been 29 to 31 weeks at autopsy.

Had Waddill not strangled her, Mary's baby would likely have survived and even thrived.

Now, according to Presidential hopeful Barack Obama, it's a violation of the mother's constitutional rights to provide routine medical care to a baby born live as a result of an abortion attempt. Which means that by Obama's standards, the nurses in this case were in the wrong, committing a horrible assault on Mary's rights. By Obama's standards, Waddill was a hero, bravely providing comprehensive reproductive health care to Mary.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

The helpful link says 'The charges against Wadill were dismissed.' and he continued to work as an abortionist.

Don't understand why it took so long for The BAIPA to be written and passed as law.

Wonder how many Americans know that there must be some kind of psychopathic element to Obama's psyche.

Came across this


Christina Dunigan said...

Yeah, there was a hung jury because it turned out during deliberations that there was an obscure legal definition of "death". Though I have to wonder how you could define death in such a way that strangling a baby in front of witnesses somehow might not constitute causing the child's "death"!

Also your URL doesn't work. Try pasting it in as a link. You type a "less than" sign, the a href=", then the URL, then close quotes and a "greater than" sign, then the words you want to be hyperlinked, then /a flanked by the less than and greater than signs.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the further information. I don't know what to say. That poor child.

- correction to my post, change Americans, to people worldwide. Will save tip about link, thankyou.
Sorry my network connection is down.( - i've only got limited time as on someone elses pc.)


Anonymous said...

Why Obama voted against The Born Alive Infant Ptotection Act Jill Stanek

not sure if i have followed instructions for hyperlinking correctly, but here goes


Christina Dunigan said...

That did the trick! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

ok its obvious that this is totally doubt. but first of all.. i find it very hard to believe the part about obama is true,he would never. but.. lets assume it is true.abortion is a very importaint isssue.dealing with lives. but i dont want to be in the next greadt depresssion .if mccain get elected, our country will continue on its downward spiral.and i think we need to help our economy first..get the big issues out of the way first. then worry about unborn babies.

Christina Dunigan said...

sexyroca, this country doesn't DESERVE to prosper until it stops treating its children like medical waste.