Thursday, August 07, 2008

Not "search and destory"?

A commenter a while back insisted that prenatal testing isn't some sort of "search and destroy" mission to eliminate babies that eugenicists consider "defective".

And along comes somebody to make my point for me:

Change The Law - Puneet Bedi:

The aim of prenatal diagnosis is to prevent the birth of an abnormal child. The whole science of prenatal diagnosis is meaningless if abortion is not allowed even when gross abnormality is confirmed.

Evidently the idea of healing is alien to those doing prenatal diagnostics.

Once upon a time, doctors were healers. Now there's no difference between a doctor and Inspector Number Five tossing an ill-sewn shirt into the trash bin.


Unknown said...

I just blogged about this. I'd love to hear your input:

Christina Dunigan said...

Here that is as a link.