Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Answering a question

Somebody was searching for an answer to this question:

Is there a video that shows a real partial birth abortion being performed?

Yes. It was done by Dr. Martin Haskell, who popularized the procedure. I listened to a National Abortion Federation training session in which he showed it to his buddies. It's only available to other abortionists who want to learn how to do brain-sucking abortions.

I'm betting Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics would pay a nice sum of money to get his hands on a copy. Disgruntled abortion clinic workers take note of that!


Jim Jordan said...

I'm convinced nothing short of the ugly truth will convince the public to extract their head from their anus on this issue.

Christina Dunigan said...

Just hearing it was pretty disturbing. I'd love to see it broadcast on the Discovery Channel.

Gee, you think Haskell'd be proud of his cutting-edge medicine and eager to show the public!