Sunday, October 26, 2008

Obama, Abortion, and Tragedy

LoveHateOprah has some pithy words:

Barack Obama said, "... nobody's pro-abortion. I think it's always a tragic situation."

Really? Come on. Really?

You think it is always a tragic situation. And yet when over 1.2 million times a year, a young woman lies down and this tragedy unfolds -- we're all just supposed to stand by and say, "Well, it's your body and your decision."

Planned Parenthood says that 70% of these women don't even want this lamentable event to occur, but feel they have no other choice. So over 840,000 women in this country every year goes through this deplorable procedure out of desperation and yet Obama stands by and says "Well, it's your body and your decision."

So if a young woman was making another tragic decision -- .... "I just can't handle my life right now -- I'm going to commit suicide." Would it be appropriate to respond with "Well, it's your body and your decision."

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Anonymous said...

Oh for pete's sake. I'm a granny too. There has ALWAYS been abortions, long before Roe v. Wade. The choice isn't whether or not a woman will get an abortion, it's whether or not she will DIE from getting an unsafe abortion - or go to jail. Making abortions illegal won't stop one woman from getting an abortion.

And if you care so much about these abortions, then support people who want to reduce unwanted pregnancies through contraception and education. AND, support the baby AFTER it's born.

Christina Dunigan said...

Oh, yeah. legalization just totally fixed everything. In a pig's eye.

Anonymous said...

And if you'd actually taken the time to look at Christina's sidebar, you'd see links to organizations which support the woman and baby after birth.

Amy said...


I'd much rather see the millions of tax dollars that go to PP go toward caring for born children.

As for contraception, well, here's a basic bit of biology for you: sex can lead to pregnancy.

EVEN sex with contraception. Condoms, the pill, and other methods are all less than 100% failsafe.

Which is why the best course is to wait until marriage, a stable relationship wherein women have the support they need.

Of course, our culture is so enamored with the notion of creating freedoms from constraint, wherein anything goes and the traditional, beneficial institutions (like marriage) are belittled or condemned we create the kind of situations that make promsicuity the norm and encourage men to abuse women.

Because, ultimately, that's what abortion is - an extreme form of abuse.

If I remember correctly, men in the age range of 25-40 or something like that are the biggest supporters of abortion. Why? Gets them off the hook for all that daddy stuff feminists have told us we really don't need them for, anyway.

So they drop $300 bucks and their girlfriend off at Planned Parenthood to take care of the "problem" and they don't have to deal with any of the physical, mental, or emotional fall out because they can break up and leave.

Women deserve better than misogynistic butchery.

Christina Dunigan said...

Preach it, Amy!

Rebecca Bartlett said...

I have to agree with anon a bit, I usually do not agree to abortion unless it is a legit threat to the mothers life or if it was rape. (And unless you have been forced to carry a rapist's child please dont comment or say its "not that bad" and she should carry the child regardless)

I think abortion should be limited but contraceptives and education should be widely accepted and used to avoid the mothers who get abortions because they feel they have "no choice".
Yes contraceptives do fail sometimes even if they are taken correctly, but it would limit the amount of unnecessary abortions that happen regardless of how we feel about them.
We can't force women back into the 1900s where they had no choice in anything and had to have these children or (more than likely) die of back alley abortions (regardless of who does it)to avoid social stigmas. Its just not going to realistically happen.
The best we can do right now is support the responsible women and try to get women who have careless unprotected sex to follow suit. Harrassing them, calling them whores or sluts or murderers wont stop abortions, it will just cause more death when those women search for underground and secret ways to have abortions where others who do persecute them wont know.

Kathy said...

Rebecca, your comment "(more than likely) die of back alley abortions" seems to indicate that you believe illegal abortion in America was risky because it was illegal, and that most women who had illegal abortions died. Neither of these things is true.

Please continue reading this blog (and do a search of the phrase "back alley abortion" and other similar terms) to gain more knowledge.