Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Nothing posting abortion clinic ads won't fix!

60% of nation would vote YES on SD's Initiated Measure 11

Here's the juicy part, reflecting on a poll two weeks ago:

The results showed the terms pro-life and "pro-choice" are confusing to a large percentage of Americans. Even though the survey found 60 percent of respondents took a pro-life position against all or most abortions, 50 percent of Americans called themselves "pro-choice" while 44 percent said they were pro-life. In fact, the Marist poll found 5 percent of people who self-identified as "pro-choice" said abortions should never be permitted, 3 percent said only to save the life of the mother and 20 percent said only in cases of the life of the mother, rape or incest.

In other words, 28 percent of Americans who call themselves "pro-choice" actually take a pro-life position opposing 98 percent or more abortions.

Granted, it'd be interesting to see if people self-identifying as "pro-life" were equally confused.

But what I'd like to see is just more abortion advertising. Just mail out copies of local abortion clinic ads. Prochoicers would be shocked and dismayed by things like these ads at Abortion Clinics Online:

Or maybe they'd just forget they'd seen them.

Read here for some information about "health" reasons for abortions.

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Christina said...

Or maybe they just don't know enough to realize that's 3rd trimester abortion =p