Monday, October 27, 2008

Feminists for Life: Face the Choice Video

This month, Feminists for Life invites you to meet Joyce Ann McCauley-Benner. Joyce was raped while working her way through college, discovered she was pregnant, and chose not to abort, even though she did not know if the father of her unborn son was the rapist or her boyfriend.

Joyce’s story, “Victory Over Violence,” is the second of FFL’s speaker videos, which are being unveiled one by one over the coming school year and posted on FFL’s website and on YouTube.

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Rebecca Bartlett said...

... I would assume anyone when given the option of thinking its their boyfriends baby rather than their rapist would hope its their boyfriends. I mean honestly, she had a hope to hold on to and a really good reason to not abort, the man she loved could have been the babys father. This shouldn't even count in cases of rape being an excuse or not for abortion.