Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Searches: Atlanta, coathangers, underage pregnancy, and more

Atlanta Surgi-Center is the National Abortion Federation member clinic that put Catherine Pierce in a fatal coma, then refused to let health inspectors in to investigate.

What of the plague of coathanger abortions we can supposedly expect if Roe vs. Wade is overturned? It turns out that in real life, women are smarter than that. In real life, dangerous self-induced abortion attempts are seen in women with mental health issues that can't be treated by abortion.

Then there's the issue of underage pregnancy, most common in girls who are being subjected to sexual abuse. Abusers then use "reproductive health care" to cover up their crimes. "Reproductive health care" that can turn fatal.

While we're on the subject of death from abortion: There's death from hemorrhage. Death from complications of the abortion anesthesia. Death from embolisms. Death from infections. Yes, there's death from abortion. From abortion that is legal and therefore presumably safe.

People were also looking for two specific deaths from abortion: Laura Hope Smith (pictured), who died in 2007 in Massachusetts when her abortionist allowed an untrained receptionist to assist with general anesthesia; and Diane Boyd, a 19-year-old mentally-disabled rape victim who died when a doctor at a National Abortion Federation member clinic in Missouri gave her drugs that interacted fatally with her usual medications.

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