Friday, October 17, 2008

Searches: Hemorrhage, third trimester, and self-induced

Someone was searching for "hemorrhage after abortion". I have a list of such deaths here. Examples: Eurice Agbagaa was left in the care of an untrained receptionist as she bled out in a New York abortion clinic. Belinda Byrd was one of 24 women rushed through their abortions in the final two hours of the day. Barbaralee Davis was sent home with the face and spine of her fetus imbedded in a tear in her uterus. Shary Graham's abortionist was in too much of a hurry to get home to a pitcher of Margaritas to bother suturing the tear in her cervix.

The best abortion videos I've found are gathered here.

Some kinds of self-induced abortions are embraced by some women as natural and safe and gentle. They're also how Kris Humphrey and Penny Roe ended up killing themselves.

How many states allow third-trimester abortions? Technically, all of them, thanks to the Roe and Doe Supreme Court decisions. Three allow them only (ostensibly) to save the mother's life -- a nonsensical concept, since if the woman's life is in danger the doctor will induce labor or perform an emergency c-section; he'll not bog down the process of ending the pregnancy with extra invasive procedures to kill the baby first. Six states only allow third-trimester abortions for physical health indications. Again, the entire idea that the woman's physical health can be helped by an additional procedure to make sure that when the baby comes out, it's dead, is fatuous. 31 states allow third-trimester abortions for "physical or mental health" exceptions -- which makes sense if you think that a dead baby instead of a live one benefits a mother's mental health. And ten states have no prohibition against third-trimester abortions whatsoever.

Somebody wanted reasons not to get an abortion in the third trimester. Well, ask yourself this -- If you have such a serious health problem that the doctor needs to get that baby out of you quickly, which makes more sense: to go to your local fully-equipped hospital for a well-established procedure which can have the baby safely out within the hour, alive and in the NICU; or traveling to an outpatient facility that will have you spend three days in a motel room with your friend or relative while they take steps to ensure that the baby comes out dead. Most likely in the toilet.

I have information here about abortion in the 1940s.

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