Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Between a woman and her lying scumbag of a doctor

Diabetec mother saves life of her child today at abortion clinic:

A mother came with tears in her eyes to the abortion clinic this morning. Fortunately, she was able to speak with our sidewalk councilors. The local "health clinic" had told her she had to have an abortion because she has diabetes.

This woman was fortunate that she ran into somebody who wasn't shiftless or lazy or lying or whatever is wrong with doctors who are pushing women for abortions that they don't want and that aren't medically called for. This woman was fortunate that the prolifers were there. These women each, by some twist of fate, also managed to find their way to an honest doctor who cared about them -- and their babies.

Other women weren't so fortunate:

Allegra Roseberry was lied to by several doctors, who lied about her baby's health (falsely telling her that her unborn child was "doomed") and about the criteria to get into an experimental cancer treatment program (pregnancy would not disqualify her, as they'd claimed). She and her baby both ended up dead.

Shari Russell wanted to make a birth plan for her baby with anencephaly, but her doctor lied to her and told her that the pregnancy was threatening her life, and that if she didn't abort, she'd be leaving her other child motherless. Shari didn't find out until after it was too late that he'd been lying.

Ashli McCall was left to fend for herself when Hyperemesis Gravidarum was making her vomit constantly; only after her abortion did she learn that treatment had been available that would have saved her baby's life.

But if they'd been surveyed in the waiting room by the Alan Guttmacher Institute, they'd have marked "maternal health problems" as their reason for abortions. The AGI would have counted them as abortions for "maternal health", when they weren't medically indicated at all. And, by the way, that's the only data we have on abortions for "maternal health" -- from AGI surveys of women who mark a check box. They're self-reporting "health" reasons, which could be anything from Ashli's debilitating but treatable HG, or Allegra's cancer, to the woman just told to abort because of diabetes, to women who don't feel comfortable admitting that they're having abortions for social reasons so they check the "health" box. Nobody has, to my knowledge, ever done any sort of research into the "maternal indications" and how many of these women might be spared the anguish of aborting wanted children.

But it's the prolifers somehow who are the monsters for standing between these weeping women and the vultures who make money and political fodder from their needless misery.


buttercup said...

Doctor griffth from Athen TN Is a deciver of doctors when I was only 20 years old i went to him I was preganet and he told me if i did not get reid of the babie i would die so what is a 20 year old single mother going to think if the doctor she has tells her such a thing and there is know one else around to look out for her and the only one that did say anything is her mother and because of what the doctor said she tell me well you better think of the one you already have what would he do if something were to happen to you my the child i already had was only 7 months old and i had know one to help me or speak faith to me or tell me to get a second apion it is a sad world when TN care doctors or any other doctors are lies to the people that trusted them it is an evil generation and God will get them all for what they are doing everyone of them.

buttercup said...

Fort Lauderdale abortionist Theodore Lehrer he is another evil one stolled my twins when i was 17 broward county hospital and others were involved in this black ring babie market and murder there
days are at end God has it all in his hands.

Rebecca Bartlett said...

This is just sick.. I mean I know doctors lie all the time about things or fib so you take one medication over another but this is just as sick as forcing a woman with an actual life threatening problem to suck it up and deal with it or die. I have to say, that whatever forces out there that there are people out there who want women to be educated about these decisions. I cant imagine anyone but sick, greedy, disgusting people deliberately lying to a woman to force her hand either to have an abortion or not to. I wish I could say this shocks me but to tell you the truth it doesn't. I want so badly to say I had no idea something like this was possible. This is just sick and wrong, these doctors should be banned from ever practicing medicine in anyway shape or form regardless of why or for what reason they lied. A woman has the right to make whatever choice she wants based on honest and true information not lies and conniving half truths!

Christina Dunigan said...

Rebecca, for somebody who claims to be opposed to :lies and half truths," you seem pretty comfortable papering the comments with them. Are you on the Planned Parenthood payroll? Or perhaps interning with them?