Saturday, October 25, 2008

Search: Abortion in Ohio

Sleezy abortionist Nabil Ghali got caught doing illegal abortions and raping patients in Ohio. Ghali is best known for having sex with his 14-year-old goddaughter and his seedy work at the disgusting Dadeland abortion mill in Miami.

Manohar Lal botched abortions in Ohio.

Melissa Henderson faced felony charges for performing an illegal abortion on a 15-year-old girl in Cleveland, Ohio in 1998.

Norman Matthews was sued for many Ohio abortions.

Charles L. Johnson botched abortions in Ohio.

Sandra Milton of Ohio bled to death in front of her children two weeks before Mother's Day.

Kathy Davis died after an abortion in an Ohio hospital.

Laura France killed herself doing a self-induced abortion in the garage of her Ohio home.

L'Echelle Head died after an abortion in a Dayton clinic.

Minnie Lathan's fatal abortion was done in Cleveland.

A combination abortion and tubal ligation cost Ohio woman Mary Ann Page her life.

Mary Paredez bled to death from an abortion in Ohio.

The Ohio Department of Health noted that Faith Roe bled to death from an abortion.

Rhonda Ruggiero died from an abortion-related embolism.

An Ohio doctor performed the fatal back-alley abortion on Iva Triplett.

Robin Wells never recovered after going into a coma during her abortion.

It was during the funeral that Ohio authorities learned that Belle Wertz had died from a criminal abortion.

"Baby Grace" survived an abortion attempt.

A Planned Parenthood in Ohio helped to cover up statutory rape.

And Martin Haskell, who popularized "Partial Birth Abortion" (which he dubbed "D&X") runs an unlicensed, illegal abortion clinic in Ohio

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