Monday, October 20, 2008

Joe the Plumber Roundup

Sorry, I couldn't resist.

First, there's this great t-shirt:

(Though I admit the tour of Cafe Press "Joe the Plumber" items was like a trip through the Looking Glass, full of crap indicating that one's oneness with Joe also translated to oneness with The One. Yeah. Just like being a Ukrainian farmer made you one with Stalin.)

Mark Steyn really tore into it:

Evidently the O-Mighty One was not happy after his encounter with Joe. He's still willing to talk to Ahmadinejad without preconditions. But never again will he talk to Joe the Plumber without preconditions. Outraged at the way the right-wing whackos were talking up Joe the Plumber as if he were an authentic regular Joe, like Joe Biden, the O-Bots of the media swung into action. Vast regiments of investigate reporters were redeployed from the Wasilla Holiday Inn back to the Lower 48.

"We need you down here checking out this Joe the Plumber," editors barked to journalists.

"But I'm this close to wrapping up the Wasilla Town Library banned-book investigation!"

"Forget it! The Atlantic Monthly is claiming Joe the Plumber is Trig's real father. We can't get behind on this. Get to Minneapolis Airport. Joe the Plumber was seen in the bathroom with Sen. Larry Craig."

"Yes, but he was installing a stopcock."

I'll add more later if I find any worth sharing.


While we're on the topic:

Do you think maybe the MSM has a double standard?

Martin Haskell runs an illegal, unlicensed business in Ohio. Do you see the MSM getting their knickers in a twist about this?

And -- shades of "He's not JOE! He's SAM!" -- Haskell's name isn't even Martin. It's WILLIAM Martin MUDD Haskell. Yes, his name is Mudd.

Gosh, why do you think William Mudd the business owner gets a pass by the media, while Sam/Joe the man who dreams of owning a business gets crucified?

William Martin Mudd Haskell is the guy who popularized Partial Birth Abortion. His unlicensed business is an abortion clinic.

He could do anything and the MSM would look the other way.


John Jansen said...

Mark Steyn is one heckuva good writer.

So Haskell's name is Mudd. Who knew?

Christina Dunigan said...

I just figure that in all fairness to Sam/Joe the Plumber, we need to point out that Marty Haskell the Abortionists is actually Billy Mudd the Abortionist!

Though I guess it would be even funnier if he was Eddie Haskell the Abortionist.