Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Whose body is it?

It's Bridezilla's body! If you want to be her bridesmaid!

And I have to say, I saw it coming when the featured Bridezilla was Korean. Korean weddings are literally all about the pictures. Throughout the entire ceremony there's a crew of women decked out like a cross between bellhops and fight attendants, straightening the bride's dress (reaching up her skirts if necessary to straighten out her slip), dabbing tears from her eyes with Q-Tips, fluffing the veil, etc., while an entire crew of photographers and videographers stalks about like National Geographic on Assignment, popping out of the foliage. There are fog machines, bubble machines, confetti guns. I saw a wedding hall with a glass carriage that would bring the bride in from aloft, depositing her at the head of a spiral staircase. A co-worker said she has seen brides rigged with wires so they could fly into the wedding hall.

I can't make up my mind which to shake my head over more, the fact that brides think they have every right to demand cosmetic procedures from the wedding party, the fact that bridesmaids comply, or the way the worst of all cultures seems to be bubbling to the top at weddings.

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