Saturday, October 18, 2008

Searches: Atlanta abortions, videos, anencephaly, and more

Some people were looking for safe abortions in Atlanta. Good luck with that. Atlanta Surgicenter is the National Abortion Federation member where Catherine Pierce underwent her fatal abortion. It might be the same facility where Geneva Calton's fatal abortion was performed. Sara Niebel underwent her fatal abortion at Midtown Hospital in Atlanta. Midtown was a National Abortion Federation member facility that experienced numerous scandals pertaining to illegal late abortions and filthy, chaotic conditions. Jacqueline Reynolds died after an abortion at Grady Memorial in Atlanta. Arnetta Hardaway's fatal abortion was performed in Atlanta. Angela Scott and Deloris Smith were both fatally injured within the same hour at Atlanta Women's Pavillion. Demitrice Andrews underwent her fatal abortion somewhere in Atlanta. Allegra Roserberry's fatal abortion was performed at Emory Hospital in Atlanta. I'd recommend going someplace that really cares about women, not about just taking their money and tallying them up for political gain. Try Atlanta Care Center, Atlanta Pregnancy Resource Center, or one of these many centers.

If you're looking for abortion videos, the best of the net are here.

Somebody was asking, "Why not c-section instead of abortion if woman's life at risk in 3rd trimester?" An excellent question, and one the abortion lobby has never satisfactorily answered. They just hem and haw about how in some hypothetical situation some doctor might get the idea that taking extra steps to kill the baby before delivering it will somehow help the mother. And when you look at how the abortion lobby defines "health", it becomes clear that this whole issue of "health" and "life" is just a smokescreen.

I have information here about anencephaly and abortion.

Suzanne Logan awoke paralyzed and unable to speak after her safe and legal abortion, performed by Gideon Kioko at Maryland's notorious Hillview abortion mill.

Somebody wanted to know about 14-year-old girls and abortions. Germaine Newman's mother found her dead on the bathroom floor the day after her safe and legal abortion. "Julie" developed septicemia and died after a safe, legal abortion in New York in 1972. Deloris Smith was 14 years old when National Abortion Federation member Atlanta Women's Pavillion managed to fatally injure her and another teenage patient almost simultaneously. Sandra Kaiser killed herself by leaping into traffic after a secret abortion arranged by Planned Parenthood. "Mindi" survived her abortion at Arizona's notorious A to Z abortion mill, but she needed a hysterectomy to save her life. Shytaura G. wound up needing a hysterectomy after her abortion by Steve Lichtenberg. A 14-year-old girl was injured in a secret abortion performed on her by Jesse Floyd. And a 14-year-old girl suffered second and third degree burns to her calf from a lamp while she was under general anesthesia for her abortion at Eastern Women's Center.

Somebody else wanted abortion at age 13. I have these deaths:
Deanna Bell
and Dawn Ravenelle. Cynthia T. suffered kidney failure and nearly died after her abortion at the Inglewood entity in California. Joseph Melnick was convicted of infanticide after he killed the live-born infant of a 13-year-old girl he'd attempted an abortion on. In 1998, a Planned Parenthood in Arizona performed two abortions on a 13-year-old girl who was being abused by her 23-year-old foster brother. Abortion advocates tried to arrange an abortion for Spring Adams, who was pregnant after being raped by her father, rather than report him so he could be arrested; he shot her dead in her bed while the abortion arrangements were being made. And federal lawmakers have been trying to pass the Child Custody Protection Act after a 13-year-old Pennsylvania girl was brought out-of-state by her abuser's mother for a secret abortion.

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