Thursday, October 23, 2008


Australia paying "baby bonus" of $5,000 -- for aborted late-term babies!

In the wake of some pretty apparent fraud in California, American Life League is calling on concerned citizens to ask their Attorneys General to see if Planned Parenthood is pulling similar shenanigans in their states.

The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition is noting that the standard of care for patients with suicidal ideation is turned on its head for certain patients by proponents of an assisted-suicide bill.

The Silent Solidarity for Life campaign is reporting 32 women and girls who rejected abortions as a result of the protest. Granted, that's just under 1% of a day's worth of abortions, but for every one of these mothers and their babies, it's 100%.

William Ayers only regrets that he didn't do more -- presumably of what he and his Weather Underground friends had in mind:

And it wasn't just smoking dope and listening to Bob Dylan. It was emulating Pol Pot.

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