Sunday, October 19, 2008

Which way to vote?

I'm really digging down and looking at elections other than the Presidential race, and I'm in a bit of a quandary. In several races, I have a pair of prolife candidates to choose from. Then I look at them more closely and they really both seem to have a lot of what I'm looking for.

One part of me wants to say, "When in doubt, vote for the Democrat to encourage the Democrats to stop sucking up to the abortion lobby." Part of me wants to say "Overall, though I'm not personally a Republican, the Republican party is closer to what I hold dear so I should encourage Republicans."

I'm doing an analysis on my choices for State House and the tipping point may end up being that the one guy had his people handing out coffee and cocoa to the people waiting in line to see Governor Palin on a cold October morning! (Not just for the cocoa! It just shows a go-getter attitude and an ability to attract supporters who think on their feet.)

What are y'all's thoughts?

(Ah, for the days I had a friend I saw totally eye-to-eye on across the issues. She was a stay-at-home mom who did a lot of community and political volunteering so she knew more about the candidates than I did, so I could just call her on election day and say, "Who am I voting for?" and know she'd tell me who I'd have chosen had I had the time to do the research myself. Now we live in different parts of the state and that doesn't work any more!)


Joe said...

It is critically important to vote for Republicans for House and Senate. If Obama takes power the only thing preventing a descent into the darkness will be Republican Senators who will be able to filibuster the most dreadful Democratic initiatives.

If McCain wins, we MUST have as many Republican Senators as possible to help get his Supreme Court appointments through.

If McCain wins, we probably will lose seats in the 2010 midterm elections, so we cannot have lost too many this year. In other words we must lose as few or gain as many Republican seats as possible in the House and Senate.

I cannot emphasize this enough: REPUBLICAN SENATE SEATS ARE ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL! We must hold as many as we possibly can.

If you live in New Hampshire, North Carolina, Louisiana, Minnesota, New Mexico, Colorado or Oregon, please do everything you can to help the Republican Senate candidate win. The lives of unborn children in future years may depend on our efforts.

Pundits are saying the Republicans could lose TEN SENATE SEATS! This would be devastating for the cause of the unborn. Please do not let it happen!

Christina Dunigan said...

My remaining toss-up is for the State House anyway.

And I wonder if a Democrat is sticking his neck out already enough to have a pro-life voting record, and his record on other issues is acceptable, wouldn't he also be likely to be a hold-out, breaking ranks with other Democrats?

cw said...

If you've found the candidates are totally equal on other life issues beyond abortion (euthanasia, human cloning, embryonic stem cell research, etc.), then I would agree with Joe.

Regardless of which way the presidential election goes, it's impossible to imagine a scenario where the Republicans can win back Congress. A pro-life Democrat will have to ultimately bow to the extremists like Nancy Pelosi somewhere along the way. Republicans can be independent. We need as many of them as possible to oppose the pro-abortion "leadership" of the Democrats.

I have the opposite situation in my district. Both candidates are pro-abortion. The Democrat is the incumbent and will likely win since this is a DEEP blue state. To my knowledge, there are no third party candidates. I cannot vote for a pro-abortion candidate regardless of whether he may be the lesser of two evils. I will unfortunately not be able to vote for either candidate in my district's Congressional race.

I will, of course, be enthusiastically voting for Sarah Palin (with McCain simply also being on the ticket).

Anonymous said...

CW, you can always do what I do and write yourself in as the candidate. We have the same problem w/ one of our state senator races and I've consistently gotten three votes for that race. Myself, my husband and a neighbor.

As to the national election. It is very important that we keep as many Republicans as we can in both the Senate and the House to counteract what the Democratic leadership will do...