Monday, October 20, 2008

Why do women die from legal abortions?

In a word: Quackery.

I'll pull up a few cases as examples.

  • Cassandra Bleavins bled to death after her safe, legal abortion because the quack doing her abortion just tied her cervix off, leaving no external sign of the hemorrhage from internal lacerations.

  • When Gracealynn Harris was too weak to leave the abortion facility under her own power, staff put her in a wheelchair and pushed her out the door instead of finding out what was wrong with her.

  • Myrta Baptiste was kept bleeding in the clinic instead of being transported promptly to a hospital where she could get life-saving care. By the time it occurred to anybody to call 911, she was in critical condition and doctors were unable to save her.

  • Christlla Forte's quack abortionist not only chose a dangerous, antiquated method that had been abandoned in other counties, he did a botch job of it, getting the concentrated salt solution into her bloodstream.

  • The quack who did Linda Padfield's abortion pulled out a three-inch fetal leg, an arm, and a piece each of skull and torso, then sent his patient home with most of her fetus still rotting inside her.

  • Suzanne Logan was knocked out by one doctor, then another one came in to do her abortion, with nobody trained to monitor her during anesthesia.

  • Deloris Smith was left unattended with her anesthesia drip running while staff went to attend to another patient's emergency. They managed to fatally injure both patients.

    For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

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