Sunday, October 19, 2008

Smell the Desperation

The MSM has gone off their meds. Nothing a little Thorazine won't fix! They're all in a tizzy about Joe the Plumber -- to the point where they're screaming, "He ain't even JOE the plumber! He's SAM the plumber!"

Gosh, that TOTALLY discredits the guy! He goes by his middle name! As does my daughter, who decided her senior year of high school that she preferred Jenelle to Lisa. This person at Yahoo! Answers noted that she, her mother and her two aunts all go by their middle names. There's a whole discussion here about people going by their middle names -- often because they share the same first name with another family member.

Lots of people go by their middle names. G. Gordon Liddy. H. Howard Hunt. F. Scott Fitzgerald. J. Paul Getty. M. Scott Peck. "Ah!" the MSM will cry. "They at least are HONEST about it, putting their initial there so you know that they're using their middle name!"

Well guess what? Paul McCartney isn't PAUL! He's JAMES Paul McCartney! I guess all those MSM Obamatrons will have to burn their Beatles albums now.

And what will they do when they realize that President Grover Cleveland was actually STEPHEN Grover Cleveland?

Get a life, you dillwads! The job of the media is to go after those who are in power, not average Joes -- or Sams or Toms or Dicks or Harrys -- who were minding their own business in their front yards when some wannabe dictator tried to pester them for a sound bite.


Christina Dunigan said...

We can even look at the (to the MSM) despicably dishonest C. S. Lewis, who pretty much his entire life went by "Jack" -- which was his DOG'S name. (Shades of Indiana Jones!) How dare he use a name he wasn't saddled with at birth! How dare he decided he didn't like "Clive"? We'll have to have his books pulled from our libraries now that this horrible, discrediting information is out! Sheesh!

Kathy said...

Thorazine -- that's funny! I remember one day at the pharmacy where I worked seeing a new customer on Thorazine, and it ain't pretty. He was in a stupor and drooling on himself. Which is what the MSM needs. :-)

As the aunt of three children who have called by their middle names since birth (and I even briefly thought of doing that to my first son), as well as having had the headache of having to deal with customers at the pharmacy who went by their middle names, or nicknames like Bubba or Buddy, or by their initials, I gotta say this whole thing is idiotic. What about all the stars who have completely changed their names (Judy Garland, born Frances Gumm; or Marilyn Monroe, born Norma Jean something), or changed part of their names (Tom Cruise is I think Thomas Mapother IV, and Nicolas Cage changed his last name because of the association to his famous relative Francis Ford Coppola; and Julia Roberts is really named Julie)?

You called it -- desperation!

Christina Dunigan said...

And the "Oooh! He SAYS he's a plumber! But he doesn't have his plumber's LICENSE! He just (perfectly legally but we won't mention that) WORKS for a licensed plumber!

Why don't they go after Martin Haskell, who's running an unlicensed abortion clinic in Ohio? ILLEGALLY! But that's okay, because he's an abortionist and thus gets a walk from the MSM on pretty much anything.

Christina Dunigan said...

And while we're on the topic of Haskell, the guy running the ILLEGAL and UNLICENSED abortion clinic.

But there's one piece of dirt the MSM might actually be interested in: His name isn't Martin Haskell. It's WILLIAM Martin MUDD Haskell. (Yes, his name is Mudd. I'm not making this up.)

Why aren't they going after HIM? The guy who took James McMahon's "intrauterine cranial decompression" and popularized it as "Dilation and Extraction" (D&X), later dubbed "Partial Birth Abortion"?

Well, I just answered my own question, right? He is credited with inventing the brain-sucking abortion. He gets a walk on everything from now on (they way Harvey Karman and Milan Vuitch always got a walk), from the little things like running an unlicensed abortion clinic to the big things like pretending his name is Martin when it's really WILLIAM Martin MUDD.

Unknown said...

Hey, I use my middle name! I guess I can't ever question The One now....

(No, it's not Naaman.)