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  • Gangrene due to sepsis: Carolina Gutierrez (pictured) suffered multiple amputations due to gangrene from post-abortion sepsis, but died anyway.

  • Third trimester abortions: Read here about their legal status. Obama supports them. Why are they being done so late in the pregnancy? Some examples are Mary W., whose baby was born alive and subsequently strangled by her abortionist. Ana Rosa Rodriguez was well into the third-trimester when Abu Hayat ripped her arm off in an abortion attempt. Abortionist Douglas Karpan initiated a third-trimester abortion on a teen who changed her mind. Teen Denise Montoya died from complications of a third-trimester abortion. Other mothers who died from botched third-trimester abortions include Lou Anne Herron, and Magdalena Rodriguez. Second and third trimester abortion images are available here. A chiropractor in Florida got caught doing a third-trimester abortion on a teenager. Seedy abortionist Steve Brigham did at least one third-trimester abortion in his New York office. Here are my reflections on how Tiller's staff determine if a third-trimester fetus is viable or not. You can read about Midtown Hospital's third-trimester abortion scandal. And you can look here at claims that such abortions are only done for health reasons. This is not a comprehensive set of information, just a sampling. If you want more, let me know.

  • landmark womens center: Though it sounds like a name for a clinic, it's actually just the office of Mi Yong Kim, who performed the fatal abortion on Adelle Roe in 2002. This is a common gambit among abortionists. They give their offices a name that sounds like a clinic, leading patients to assume that the place is a clinic and thus subject to the kinds of regulations and inspections a clinic would be subject to. However, since they're legally just the physician's private practice, they're subject to very little oversight.

  • Underage pregnancy: start here, and continue here, with a variety of posts on the subject.

  • Belkis Gonzalez (pictured): Owner of a seedy Florida abortion mill, and facing possible charges for putting a live-born baby in a biohazard bag and throwing it onto the roof to die.

  • Tax dollars for abortion: Yeah, buying death for moms with your money. And increasing the rates of hospitalizations for abortion complications. Not a very wise use of money, I'd say.

  • Palin and the rape kits: Bogus hysteria and a smear campaign. Turns out that there was ONE rape in Wasilla during the time period between Palin becoming mayor and the state law going into effect (requiring local law enforcement to pick up the tab for rape kits). And that victim was not charged for her rape kit.

  • 14-week abortion: Information and examples.

  • Dennis Boom: Widower of Linda Boom, who died in 1995 from a saline abortion performed at Sinai Samaritan Medical Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Linda had chosen abortion because her baby had been diagnosed with Down syndrome.

  • Teen abortion stories: This post highlights some of the most heart-wrenching cases from my library of cases of teens killed by abortions. Tamiia Russell (pictured) is a particularly distressing case -- she was pregnant through statutory rape, and brought for her abortion by her abuser's sister. For some non-fatal stories about teens and abortion, see Parental Involvement Won't Fix This, Cutting to the Chase: Underage Pregnancy, Finally Taking It Seriously, Parents: Choose Your Risk, Audio of woman's testimony about coerced illegal abortion, Abortion Survivor Lauren Pulliam, No Hope for Raped Teen at Hope Clinic, and Not Surprising.

  • Abortion songs: With music videos. A cheery bunch of ditties.

  • 20-week fetus: All about them, how they're done in, and some moms that died in the process.

  • Deaths after abortion: Safe and legal!

    For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

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