Friday, October 17, 2008

Checking the facts on Obama and abortion

Obama Misleads Voters on His Abortion Record

Didn't Illinois law really protect abortion survivors anyway before the BAIPA? No. The law "on the books" — 720 ILCS 510.6 — applied only where an abortionist declared before the abortion that there was "a reasonable likelihood of sustained survival of the fetus outside the womb." So if the doctor was wrong and the baby was capable of survival, the law didn't allow anybody to second-guess him. The baby was not a baby under the law, because the abortionist had declared him or her to not be a baby by the mere decision to proceed with the abortion in the first place. (You can read here about how George Tiller determines if a fetus is pre-viable and thus suitable for aborting. I'm not sure what methods Illinois abortionists use.)

Doesn't Obama only support third trimester abortions when they're necessary to protect the mother's life or health? Only if you define "health" so broadly that "She feels distressed and thinks an abortion will alleviate her distress" actually constitutes "health".

Doesn't Obama want to focus on "common ground" efforts to support women who don't want abortions? No. He wants to cut off funding to the very pregnancy centers that help women to avoid unwanted abortions.

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Anonymous said...

He has said that "mental distress" does not justify an abortion.

But he's willing to sign FOCA which would codify that "mental health" exception.

Christina Dunigan said...

Exactly. He's Both Ways Barack -- He OPPOSES certain abortions when talking to the mainstream, but SUPPORTS them when talking to the hardcore abortion lobby.

Chris & Mary Bence said...

In the third presidential debate Senator Obama made the claim that he would ban Partial Birth abortions if protection was given with regards to the health of the mother. This is an empty argument since the baby is killed after it has been 90% delivered and only its head is still in the womb. The mother's health is not in jeopardy for that last second it takes to deliver the baby. He is just being dishonest. Take a look at this video which goes into detail of this hideous procedure.

Christina Dunigan said...

Let me turn that into a link for you, Chris.

Christina Dunigan said...

Having seen the video, I do have to clarify something. Although Obama is fine with this practice, and has promised that as President he would restore abortionists' "right" to perform it as demonstrated, there is currently a federal PBA ban in effect.

Of course, they still do the abortions, but they kill the baby first by injecting it in the heart with the same drug used to execute criminals. The mother is reassured that this is "safe" for her and "painless" for the baby, even though the drug in question has been challenged as "cruel" when injected into the veins of an anesthetized murderer.

Obama has promised that they can go back to just pulling a live baby out and stabbing it in the head, that they won't have to do the extra lethal injection step first.

Christina Dunigan said...

Oh, and by the way, Martin Haskell, who popularized the PBA procedure (which he dubbed D&X), said with a light chuckle that the baby often "helps" -- his word, not mine -- the baby often "helps" by wrapping his or her little arms and legs around the abortionist's hand while he's preparing to jab the blunt, curved Metzenbaum scissors into the base of the skull.