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Eduardo Verastegui Video Now in English

Eduardo Verastegui

I haven't figured out how to embed it, so you'll have to go check it out. Below are my comments on the Spanish language version with subtitles, which contains roughly the same content:

"Did you know that minority children are being aborted at more than double the rate of white children?"

Way more than double. According to the latest Alan Guttmacher Institute study, reported in the Washington Post, the abortion rate for Hispanic women is triple that of white women.

"We Hispanics are the ones most affected by the abortion industry and I want to know why."

Actually, according to the latest data, it's the Black women who are most affected. Their abortion rate is five times that of white women. But Hispanic women are still suffering disproportionately.

"Most abortion centers are found in Hispanic neighborhoods. Why is that?"

Does anybody know of any studies? I know anecdotal evidence places a lot of abortion facilities, particularly the seedy and dangerous abortion mills, in Hispanic neighborhoods.

"Spanish newspapers, magazines, radio and television are saturated with ads and commercials promoting abortion. How come?"

Rosa Rodriguez was lured into Abu Hayat's seedy abortion facility by an ad in a Spanish-language newspaper. Hayat ripped the arm off Rosa's baby then sent her home; Rosa gave birth to a maimed child (pictured) early the next morning.

Operation Rescue pointed out that Laurence Reich's chain of seedy abortion mills targeted Hispanic women, many of whom were in the country illegally and thus not likely to step forward to report malpractice or abuse for fear of deportation. Operation Rescue reports that "Reich only spent one day in jail for sexually assaulting two women at the Clinica Medica Para La Mujer De Hoy abortion mill in Panorama City.

Though Suresh Gandotra spoke no Spanish, he preyed predominately on Hispanic women. He performed a fatal, illegal third-trimester abortion on Magdalena Rodriguez.

Other abortionists who typically targeted Hispanic women have included Nicholas Braemer, Alicia Hannah (Who was targeting her own people.), La Clinica Femenina, and Clinica Eva.

Hispanics for Life has more about this.

"Abortion is not only a lucrative industry; it is also used by people who are racists as a means to eliminate our people, since they consider us to be a threat to democracy in this country."

Abortionist Edward "Fast Eddie" Allred, who owns the largest for-profit chain of abortion mills in the world, told the San Diego Union, "Population control is too important to be stopped by some right-wing, pro-life types. Take the new influx of Hispanic immigrants. Their lack of respect for democracy and social order is frightening. I hope I can do something to stem that tide. I'd set up a clinic in Mexico for free if I could. Maybe one in Calexico would help. The survival of our society could be at stake."

"Unfortunately, most people do not know the truth about abortion and its terrible consequences."

"We all instinctively know that abortion is something evil, and if it is something so terrible that we can't even see it, shouldn't we perhaps not tolerate it either?"

(Images edited out of video. Most of them are the of sound, whole unborn children, showing prenatal development, though some of the babies have clearly been removed from the womb. The video then cuts to the video showing an abortion being performed, complete with blood and the recognizable head of the now-dead baby. Other abortion images follow, showing heads, a face, hands, some intact babies from induction abortions and saline abortions (easily recognizably by discolored, mottled skin), a few early first-trimesters toward the end, and other extremely graphic pictures and bits of video. The aborted babies in question range, in my best estimate, from late first-trimester to early third-trimester. You can see the images in the Spanish language version, at Dura Realidad.)

"After seeing this video some people ask how it is possible that abortion could be legal."

"Did you know that Barack Obama supports abortions performed during the last trimester of pregnancy?"

Yes. Although when speaking to evangelicals he parses it in terms of being okay with restricting third-trimester abortions for "mental distress" or "feeling blue". But as one hardcore supporter of the abortion lobby says, if Obama really was okay with prohibiting third-trimester abortions for "mental distress" or "feeling blue":

... Obama ... is ... backing away from a proposed federal law (of which he is a co-sponsor) that envisions a much broader definition of mental health than the one he laid out this week.

That proposed federal legislation, the Freedom of Choice Act, refers to the key Supreme Court case on the issue, which was decided the same day as Roe v. Wade in 1973. In that case, Doe v Bolton, the Court said a doctor could decide to perform an abortion based on "all factors--physical, emotional, psychological, familial, and the woman's age--relevant to the well-being of the patient. All these factors may relate to health."

Subsequent cases in the Supreme Court and lower courts have said states cannot ban abortions where the doctor deems them necessary to protect a woman's physical and mental health. Lower courts have taken that to mean a state cannot prohibit an abortion--even one post-viability--if the woman would suffer severe emotional harm without it.

Nowhere do those cases impose criteria of "serious clinical mental health diseases."

So, in supporting FOCA, Obama supports abortion, even in the third trimester, under the Doe vs. Bolton definition of "health", which includes maternal age, and financial and family concerns.

Either Obama supports third-trimester abortions, but only in those cases in which a woman has at least some mental or physical diagnosis (Tiller's patients typically have "adjustment disorder", meaning that they're not well-adjusted to being pregnant), or he supports third-trimester abortions as long as the woman can give a reason, and she doesn't need any kind of diagnosis from a doctor to justify it. Either way, he supports third-trimester abortions.

"That Obama supports the inhuman partial birth abortion?"

Obama not only supports D&X, he lent is wife and his name to fund-raising efforts to protect the practice.

"That Obama wants to finance abortions with the tax dollars you and I pay?"

Obama opposes the Hyde Amendment that banned Federal funding for elective abortions. He believes the Federal government should fund any abortion the woman signs for, because to do otherwise would constitute the Federal government using funds to intrude on abortion choices! Yes -- in Obama's view, refusing to pay for your abortion is intruding into your choice!

"As a lawmaker, Obama voted on several occasions against a law to protect babies who survived an abortion and were born alive."

Four times, to be exact.

"Obama is committed to removing all the pro-life laws that in many states currently offer protection to unborn babies and their mothers."

Yes. He is a co-sponsor of the Freedom of Choice Act. Supporters of FOCA characterize it as merely "codifying Roe", but it goes beyond that and would strike down parental consent, restrictions on tax funding of abortions, informed consent laws, and waiting periods.

"Mr. Obama does not agree that the parents of a 13-year-old girl who is pregnant should be notified before she has an abortion."

Yes. See the above on FOCA.

"Absurd laws like this one that ignore the opinion of parents are precisely the ones that make it possible for pederasts (sic) and the sexually depraved to force young girls to have abortions in secret in order to cover up their sexual crimes."

The word the translator was looking for is "pedophile", not "pederast", since a pederast has sex with underage boys, not girls. But Verastegui's point is right on the money.

Verastegui then refers viewers to the following web sites: HispanicsForLife, VidaHumana, and

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